Truth will set you free, but first you need to find it.

What we think of as truth is our truth.  That does not mean that it is not correct only that it is correct for us and if we are lucky a few other like minded people.  If we want our truth to be more widely accepted it usually means that it must be water down.  The more widely accepted it is the more water down it becomes.

We can look at Christianity and determine this quite easily.  One of the working titles for Christianity is “The Truth”.  Yet even among the followers they can not agree as to what the truth entails.  They even have a book that contains all their beliefs, and this book is not that large.  The New Testament is readable in just a few days yet after 2000 years there are so many interpretations and the larger the church less they appear to follow “The Word” of “The Truth”, it is very much like they have lost “The Way”.

So how can we as individuals determine what is truth and what is untrue, the lie?

We all hold to our beliefs as being true, some of us have a pretty wide acceptance of other truths while others are strict believers.  In the end the truth like all things is balanced between the two farthest points.  No matter what is held and how many people hold to the idea it can only….

Did man land on the moon?

Did the holocaust happen?

Did God divide theRed Sea?

For all these and more there are a great many people who support one side and believe it to be true.  All three events are true to a lot of people.  I do not know of any who do not believe in at least one of these events, they may exist but the number will be few.  Most people believe in two of three as happening.  So if a person believes in the first two what makes not believe in the third?

Does blood letting cure headaches?

Is the world flat?

Is the world ending in Dec 2012?

The first two plus many more were held as truth for generations even centuries and proven to be false for many if not most people.  I do not know how many people actually believe that 2012 is the end of the world but it has happen before.  Nineteen Seventy-Five was believed to be the end of the world for a group but it never happened.

So what does all this prove, if anything?  Not much just that anyone has the truth.  This is just not about religion; it is sciences and society as well.  Today’s truth is tomorrow lie?

Islam, Jew, Christian, Buddhist, and so on and so on need to understand that while we can strive after truth we can never acquire it.  Truth is only so for a moment; and we are lucky if we get to glimpse it along its path.

See you in 2013.




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