Time: The Here Now and Forevermore

Time the here and now verses historical time with a view to the possibility that a god or creatures can be everlasting, that is without beginning or ending.

It is almost universal that God or gods have the ability to transcend time that is they not only are everlasting but also know future events.  They can actually be everywhere at every time.

For us mortal, time bound, creatures this one concept can keep us from believing.  There is little construct in our physical lives that help us grasp these possibilities.

Today’s belief in physics is both the reason for not believing everlasting and the omni-presence.  However does physics actually show this or is the opposite true.  First we must understand what time is and its relationship with the physical world we continually interact with.

So what is time?  I will give you a few minutes to answer this for yourself.

Given our bombardment of time related issue in our daily lives you would think that an answer to this question would be easy.  However I find the opposite is true; It appears impossible to define time.  We can define speed, physical motion, however to isolate the one quality of time so we can say this is time escapes most of us.  It also appears to  become harder and harder; the more we try to define it the more it moves out of grasp.  Like trying to pick up a penny off of a smooth surface, it appears easy until we try to grasp it with our chunky fingers.

Time is defined in relation to a moving object.  Now a definition can not use itself or any form of itself in the definition.  Time then can not be the time it takes for an object to move from one position to another.

  1. a system of sequential relations that any event has to any other, as past, present or future; indefinite and continuous duration regarded as that in which events succeed one another.
  2. duration regarded as belonging  to the present life as distinct from the life to come or from eternity;
  3. finite duration.
  4. a system or method of measuring or reckoning the passage of time;
  5. a limited period or interval, as between two successive events
  6. a particular period considered as distinct from other periods.


If we can agree that the above 6 definitions cover must avenues of time we can begin ​tonarrow down what this conversation is all about.

Six – is too general and at the same time too specific meaning it does not help overcome the problem of time.

Five – is limited even by its own words and deals with  a time span so short as too be meaningless when framed inside of forever.

Four – is the way we measure time and is not time itself.  The conversation does not concern itself with seconds, minutes or centuries for the matter.  Eons are small compared to eternity.

Three – is five and four combined.

Two – this idea while it has an edge on what the conversation is about it lacks the other two sides of the square.  Now some of you would say at this point if you already have one side then you are missing three sides.  Hah.  I did originally write that but then realized only two other side are needed.  Think of a square more like a algebraic object than a geometric one.

This leave us with the first one.  Some took time to come up with this.  Read the definitions a few times and try to get your mind around it.  What is the writer trying to tell us about time.  How does this definition agree with or disagree with our own interpretation of time.  Is it too limited or even too specific.

The time I wish to explore is not limited to a specific event or sequences of events.  In truth the entire time-line is our conversation.  Not just man’s place on it but all time.  This would include both the big bang, if it happened and the cataclysmic conclusion of the universe if that ever unfolds, but not be limited to these events.

So then time outside of our known universe.  This even brings up a sub-question does time exist outside of this universe, and even a more subjective issue, does time exist at all.  Interesting enough the last part of the this question is what the conversation will come down to.

Does time exist, is it real?

This would seem to be self evident to people of even a very simple education.  In reality it is only a topic of interest for the most observed of people who do not have anything better to do than think of the obscure.  There is more though; and that is how this topic relates to man’s place in heaven and earth.  Why we have a hard time with the spiritual parts of our being, if we understood more the possibilities of time we may gain a grander picture and allow at least the notion of our humanity to be god based.

How is this?  Well again I believe mankind takes issue with a being transcending time.  Being every where all the time.  Knowing the ending from the beginning, so on and so on.  If one could reason scientifically that a being is not bound by our understanding of time then we can be one step ahead in this journey.

So that brings us back to what is time.  Looking at it strictly as a physics issue time is the intervalbetween any two events.  Mankind measures these intervals in seconds, minutes, hours, days, and so on.  We even measure them in terms of parts of seconds mili, micro, nano.  So when we talk about the speed of a object we can state the with certainty that the car was traveling at sixty ​kilometers per hour, or for the American reader the car was traveling at 40 miles per hour, more or less.  From this we can determine acceleration and distance.  Again if a car was traveling at sixty kilometers per hour for 10 minutes we can determine with exactness the vehicle traveled3.6 kilometers.  In the same theme mankind can measure the interval between any two or more events even the time it takes for sound and light to travel a given distance or how much distance an object can travel in a given time period.

Time is considered to be a part of a navigational construct.  While we can pinpoint any place in the universe using three dimensions it does us little good if we do not place a relative time to it.  This is because if we are to meet at a given two or even three dimension point it would not help us if we did not have a meeting time.  We all could arrive at the point at different times and still miss each other.

It could and should be stated that in our physical world time cannot be removed from our understanding of the universe around us.  Distance between objects could be accurately measured only if they are static; has soon as they are in motion time becomes paramount.  Truthfully time as everything to do with motion of objects.  While we can use time to understand intervals between non-physical events time is relative to objects.

Anyone who has taken basic physics understands that speed is derived from distance over time.  Or stated in another way, the speed of an object can be determined by dividing the change in distance by the change in time.  A car that travels three point six kilometers in ten minutes is traveling at 60 kilometers per hour or 60 kilometers divided by 60 minutes.

Now if we understand that we can move on to the next step and that is infinity.

In the end we can understand that without a physical object time is meaningless.  Time and motion are so intertwined that they can not be separated.  Force acting on a mass causes motion and when the mass is in motion the difference in the mass’s apparent position in the cosmos provides us with time.  If nothing moved time would stop.  **********___________*******.

Consider that we can measure the speed of an object.  Now can you measure the speed of nothing.  That is can you start and stop your watch based on nothing happening and then given the that time determine the interval and thus speed.  Well we can start a timer and stop a timer to give us a time base.  However we now know a time but not an interval.   What I am so ill-elegantly trying to state is a difference in time of an unknown event is meaningless.  Time by itself means nothing it is only when we consider it a part of something else does it begin to have meaning.

If we can agree that time is a function of motion over distance then we also must agree that time is relative to a physical object be that a star, a car, or atom.  All items that have a physical form are subject to the physical laws as we know them to be and thus time.  But what about non-physical items; are they subject to time?  What is a non physical item?  An idea, a spoken word, a song, all constructs of our mind some would even say our spirit or creative side.  A word or idea once spoken, time never affects it.  It maybe proved wrong or right, good or bad but the essence never changes.  Why well to me it is simple the idea itself as no physical property.  Thefulfillment may but the idea is not physical.  It is not made out of anything not atom nor moleculeof substance.  It is real and while it may be forgotten it never is changed.  No force can act upon it to make it move or change direction.  Why again because it has no physical mass, no physicalproperties.  Without mass force can not affect it and without motion it can have no speed and thus no time.

In our world everything is made up of the physical.  Starting with the atoms, while we may have ​free electrons these in themselves are not the building blocks of this universe.  Now what about the spirit world.  I am not here trying to prove that the spirit world does exist I am just trying to prove that if it does then a god or other individuals that occupy that reality can not be bound by our physics, including time.

We have the physical world or corporeal and spirit world is known as the non-corporeal.  Corporeal being bodily and so non-corporeal being spirit or non-bodily.  So what ever comprises the body of man or the physical man does not comprise the spiritual one.

What is a spirit, an angel, a demon, a god, a devil?  Are they a physical entity?  If so then our laws of physic and time must control them.  If they are not physical then physic and time will have no hold on them.  Turn the idea on its head.  If physical laws have no hold on them they can not be physical.

So what does this mean?  What does this have to do with time, omni-presence and knowledge of future events?  Well if time does not exists in the non-corporeal plane then the beings who reside there are not bound by time and move about in time the same way we move about in space.  More to the point non-corporeal entities can not move about and affect the corporeal world.

I have not thought about what this means in a practical way however it does show the it is possible to have spirit creatures who not bound by the physical world of time may move through our time as it does not exist, because to them it does not exist.

It could also mean that they have very limited effect in our plane of existence, this however this would go against many religions beliefs.  How non-corporeal entities might affect the corporeal world is a topic for another conversation.

Space and time are interwoven in man’s understanding of the universe and his place in it.  So much so that trying to think of a plane of existence where they do not exist is hard for our mind to understand.

However, if I am allowed to bring the Bible to bare on this subject in a small way; this being a topic cover by it since its beginning.  While God is describe as creator of heaven and earth we see that it was not he but his active force that affects changes on the earth.

Secondly we can look at the angels of old who to interact with the physical beings needed to take physical form to do so.  Interesting in this regard God stopped this from happening at the time of the flood.  How this worked and how or what God changed to stop the practice is not shown.

Even now, for those that believe in angels and demons, cannot materialize in this realm but can have an effect on people.  This is because our ideas our spirit, so to say, are not physical and in being non-corporeal can interact with them, or they we us.  So they can interact with man on a spiritual level but not a physical one.  It does not mean that they are any less real just not able to take on physical form and physically interact with us.  Some try to tell me that this is wrong the the angels and demons move objects, make us sick, both mentally and physically.  However it is evident to me that these outward appearances are false, in reality the spirit creatures both good bad and indifferent are affecting us on a spiritual plane, this manifests itself on our mental status on either a conscious or sub-conscious level and makes hear, smell, taste, and feel what they desire us.  And they can make us do what they want to the extent that we allow.  If we are weak because of other ailments, either physical or mental  , we are moresusceptible to their spiritual machinations.

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