Mind, Body & Soul

Chapter 2

Mind, Body & Soul

The first part of this chapter is pretty basic.  The body and mind making up our physical and intellect.  Even the section on the soul starts off as basic and most people would find it easy to swallow.

Interesting when she brings up Deepak.  I have been interested in his teachings for awhile and even have a friend that worked with him when they were younger, before his greater public success.  Ev was also a life coach and believer in the power of spirit.

The thought that the man’s spirit is larger than his physical body is compelling and interests me.  It is something I have not thought of before and I wonder how this idea will fit or change my own understanding.  At first thought it is not opposed to my belief and I am still hopeful as I continue to read on.

Seventeen Points on the soul.

Here we come to my first feelings that our beliefs are different.  Maybe they can be reconciled but some thought and changes need to made.  By who, me, you?  No one.  Maybe as others have said no ONE can have all the truth.

  1. “Every single living being” human or otherwise? “has a soul”.  Well what is the difference between a animal and human.  In this case no statement is made that what is meant is every living animal but I believe that is what is meant.  This posses many questions.
  2. “It is the most inner part of you.”  I would agree but it is you.  Man is not anything without his soul, or mind, or body.  What is man?
  3. “The soul is pure”, “a subdivision of God”.  Are we created or the creator?  The saved or the savior?
  4. Mind, body, and soul are completed different entities.  This by far is one of the two things I have the hardest time with.  In my belief the three are parts of the man.  Any one of them is missing and the man does not exist.
  5. “Your consciousness … is a part of your soul”, yes, I can agree with that statement.  however I do not know if we actually agree on my interpretation.
  6. “Our souls are very large” this is one of more intriguing ideas, and I want to explore it more.
  7. 🙂 long winded.  I guess the kernel is the body fits in the soul not the soul in the body.  Ok I can except the idea the soul is larger than the body.
  8. “The body lives within the realm of time and space” Yes 100%.   “After a person dies, time and space is no longer a factor”  Yes for the person.
  9. “our soul …. lives outside the realm of time and space”.  The second if lessor of the two things I have a hard time with.  Again the physical man, the intellectual man and the spiritual man are harmonized in man.  If you remove any one the man does not exist.  I know, open mind clean slate and all that.
  10. “each person has infinite knowledge” okay not too disagreeable.  large soul large knowledge.
  11. “the realm outside time space is called the spirit world.”  Yes, yes ,yes.
  12. most of our soul lives in the spirit world.  Okay I like it but it makes me uneasy at this time.
  13. “All the souls of everything the lives and breaths in this world, are connected”  This goes back to point 1, Do animals have a soul?  What does it mean for man if every creature has a soul?
  14. “the soul enters the body as soon as a baby takes his or her first breath.”  Why?  Does science support that the unborn child or fetus has thoughts, emotions?  The holy books of the Koran, Bible, and Islam support the fact that the death of an unborn child is treated the same as a child that is born.  Does it really matter and if so why make it a point???
  15. “The mind, body, and soul connection is broken when a person’s heart stops beating.”  Again we agree but for differing reasons I would expect.
  16. “Your soul represents who you truly are.”  Again I may agree but our reasons for saying it are not the same.  Man is his soul.
  17. “Our souls live on” after we die.  Heavenly existence.  Man does not need a body or mind to exist.  “God breathed into Adam, and he became a living soul.”  This is the hardest of all for me to understand.  To live without a body makes little sense.  No one I talk with appears to want us to live as were created, physical man, from the earth.

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