Monday, January 14, 2013

I must re-state that I am writing these thoughts as I read the book.  And what surprises me more and more is the how often I write a note prior to the author stating the same idea.  The next part of the book is sub-titled.  “BODY + MIND + SOUL = HARMONY” , yesterday I made a comment under point 9 on the soul that, “the physical man, the intellectual man and the spiritual man are harmonized in man”.  I do not know what to make of this but in the end it is what it is.

The thought that man needs all three areas of life balanced to create a well balanced person is easy to understand.

That the soul should take the lead in our lives is interesting.  I have never given this any thought.  Will need to see where it leads me.

A thought occurred to me as I was reading my comments from yesterday.  If I would agree that the soul can be larger than the body, why is it I am having a hard time dealing with the possibility that the soul does not reside in the realm of time and space?  If, again, I believe that the soul is our link to the spiritual world why should it be stuck in the physical one?

MIND + SOUL why separate?  Are they?

I too believe that all these negative emotions are taught to us however do not believe they are necessarily caused out of sin.  That is whether we are born sinful or not we are taught these emotions.  And these emotions may not be sinful in and of themselves.  We are born into sin because are parents were sinful, and so on back to Adam and Eve.  That is if we are take the standard belief of three major religions.

The question posed is can we be born sinful if we come from God.  Well this would be true if individually we were all created by God.  However we are all created by our parents except for the first pair.  Again according to the belief of millions of followers.

There are those including some Christian sects that believe we are born perfect and then somehow sin and those separate our self from God.

I though find myself liking the reason stated that infants and young children appear so happy and in tune with themselves.  No Ego as yet formed and so all actions and emotions come from the conscious.  No separation between mind and spirit.

If we are not born into sin then do we have a need for redemption?  Does this change man’s purpose for being?

Back to the idea that the soul is a sub-division of God.  Interesting still; the creation being apart of the creator.  The holly books indicate that we are made in God’s image.  This is not meant to be a physical image rather a emotional, intellectual and spiritual one.  How do these two ideas relate, can they be the same, how may they be different but yet co-exists as a truth?

“The more independent the mind becomes” this paragraph proposes a thought that is held about the original sin in away that I have thought about it before.  If we use the story of original sin then Satan caused Adam to sin by showing him that he could have independent thought.  This is true and held by others, the sin was not eating the fruit but choosing to follow his own thought independent of the creator.  This would cause a rift between the mind and soul if we hold true to the your understanding.

“The root of all suffering” – Original Sin – the separation of the mind and soul – independent thought or action that causes us to deviate from God’s will – pain caused by the mind and soul in conflict.

“The mind is getting in the say to the soul.”  Yes I would say this about myself.  I find I am in constant conflict not with others but myself.

The story of the wolves.  I have heard this before, but can not remember where.  Star Trek the Next Generation comes to mind.  Commander Riker.  Maybe not but I have heard it, none the less a good story with a great moral.

Is the author suggesting that we choose to feed either our mind or our soul?

“the mind … if not controlled has the potential to become .. a negative entity”


For some reason I was more concerned about this section than I needed to be.  I thought I would find a lot in it that I would disagree with however that was not the case.

The ego is the I.  The I separates us from being connected to the whole, the creation including the creator.  Again if the separation of the mind and soul created was the original sin the continuing separation creates a on going rift between us and spirit world / creator.  God.

I find that I have little disagreement and can see this unfloding correctly.


  1. No I am not self-conscious of my body.

  2. No I do not take good care of my body.

  3. Yes I believe in a soul.

  4. I did not think that my mind and soul are disconnected but I can see why it might be so.

  5. Yes I believe my mind created an ego.

  6. Yes I have ego driven thoughts.

  7. Yes I react to my ego driven thoughts.

  8. 😉 define often.  I compliment others but not often so no.

  9. No it is not easy to accept a compliment.

  10. Yes I am good at teaching other people things.  I have had people say this, but I am told by others that this is not true.

  11. Yes it is easy for people in my life to teach me things.  (I do not know if they agree)

  12. No other peoples success does not make me genuinely happy.

    1. Yes it makes me feel inadequate.

  13. No I am not angry with others.

  14. Yes I am angry with myself.

    1. I procrastinate, do not do what I say or should do, have no dreams no aspirations.

  15. Yes I often get hurt or offended.

    1. I think I am weak and while I should not get offended I do.

    2. What made me this way.  I do not know.  My mother finds it hard to show love to her children.  I have stammered all my life.

  16. Yes I am a defensive person.

    1. I do not know.  Same as above I would think.  I have the knowledge that people are not trying to hurt me when they say things however I take everything personal.

  17. No I am not a jealous person.  Well not alot.

  18. I am envious of people who are at peace.  I never feel at peace always trying to gain it.

  19. No I do not love myself.

    1. I am not aware that I ever loved myself.

  20. For the past few years I have been feeding the negative wolf.  I think.  The more I do I want to feed to positive however I do not believe I do.

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