Material-Comatose, comments and questions

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Opening Questions


My Typical day:

Rise at 0600

Dress Eat and prep for work.  Leave at 0700

Drive to site perform duties drive home 1900

Wash, eat, watch TV with family

Bed at 2200.


List of my possessions that I am most proud of.

I can not list this.  I know of nothing in a material sense that I am proud of.

I know that this may sound like I am trying to find the best answer however my family friends always say the same thing when they try to buy me things.  They can not because none of them, even my wife of 30+ years knows what I like in this sense.


Possessions make me feel troubled, unsafe, worried.

Four and Five

The possession I was I had would be a safe haven.  A quite place that had only the basic things and no electricity, no gadgets, no things I guess.  Again this possession’s value would not for me be the building or land but the feeling it gives me.

After writing the above it appears very much like I am making up the answers to fit what the author wants of us but I do not believe I have done that.  It is way I feel right now.

The acquiring of material items – consumerism, false sense of self.

Trying to fill a gap in the soul with physical items can never work for the mind / soul is not physical.

“material-comatose” caused by the separation of mind and soul cause man to suffer many of the mental ailments of our time.

I am in agreement that physical objects cannot solve the issues created in the mind.  Trying to make one’s self happy with material objects will never work.

The second last paragraph on p36.

I do not disagree with the authors words however I believe a jump in logic is made without proof in anyway being formed.  That being that the spirit can cleanse the mind.  I believe this to be true but it is not sufficiently developed in the text.

Akst states, “that the people’s lack of self-regulation is the major reason the world is in such dire economic dismay.”

we are in this state because our regulator is broken.  That regulator is the soul or actually the soul linked to the mind.

Interesting taught the everything expands to fill the space provided it in its environment.  We now, individually have the space to over-spend and fill up our space with so much.  Need to develop this idea with my understanding of commercialism.


Connecting with the soul begins with stopping.  Stop the mind from thinking, allowing the soul time to reconnect to the mind?????  Interesting thought.  Need to look into this deeper.


  1. Yes I am in debt.

  2. No I do not know how much debt I am in down to the dollar.

  3. Yes I am in a state of material-comatose.

    1. For a long time.

    2. Yes this is a problem.

  4. Hard to answer I did not list any possessions.  I have failed the grasp something, or maybe …

I want to say I am not in a state of material-comatose because I do not care for things however I see my world full of things and do not know how to shed them.

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