Who Are You?

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Who Are You

My Story

The basic life story of the author sounds similar in nature to my own.  Except I was not born in Canada.  There was nothing remarkable about my family life.  No maltreatment, enough money for our needs, holidays, and other things.

When she talked about being bullied about her skin colour, her ethnic background it reminds me of my trials with stammering.  It made me stand up and defend myself,  I never remember backing down when teases but it is probably why I am so defensive now.  Still feeling the need to show I am okay even when wronged.

The fact the author felt she did not want material things however believed she was material-comatose is another thing that appears to draw our experiences together.  I am hoping to be able to meet her or at least carry on a dialogue with her.

She next tells us of her first glimpse of her soul and how she quickly went back to normal life.  This is like when I have heard a talk by a motivational speaker who makes us want to change or do something different but it quickly fades away.  That is why sales people know they have to “strike when the iron is hot.”

A statement is made next that at first did not appear correct, ” to figure out who you are you first have to figure out who you are not.”  This sounded like so much jargon, 5 cent psychology.  However she then explains the root of the statement is from Buddha’s statement, ” Don’t look for what is real.  Just let go of everything that is unreal, and that which is real will come to you all by itself.”  More 5 cent psychology?  Maybe but when it comes from Buddha it appears to have more weight.  And is this not what the sleuth Holmes said, after discarding everything that is false then whatever is left must be the truth.  😉

It comes to us that if the mind is constantly telling us lies about who we are then we need to drop everything the mind is telling us about who we are so we can come to know our selves.


  1. I am a programmer for industrial processes.  I allow for the automated operation of systems that free the workers of tasks that require constant attention in dangerous situations.

  2. I like solving problems.  By doing so it gives me a feeling of power over the process and a feeling of personal worth or accomplishment.

  3. I do not know.  Happiness is not something I think about.

  4. No I am not happy.

  5. List a few things I thought I was but later found out I was not.  I have no answer.  I am a son, a husband, a father, a lover, and these things I still am.

  6. Who am I but me.  I am all of the above and what more?

  7. What am I meant to do in life…. die.  It is the only outcome of life, is there more?

  8. What is my purpose?  There is no purpose but to live and reproduce to carry on life.

  9. Why am I here, why do I exist?  Well to live and love and recreate myself in my children.

One thought on “Who Are You?

  1. Hi Carl this is the author Gurdeep Brar. I would love to meet you and discuss more. It is amazing how you are opening up your life to us. I love reading your blog everyday. Thank you! Enjoy the journey.

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