Comments on Living in the Moment

I have not had a chance to read the book in the last couple of days but I want to share my thoughts on living in the moment.

First is I can see how procrastination is not living in the moment.  To procrastinate is always to be thinking about the future. Actually it is putting off living in present until some other time that may be better suited.  However typically when that time comes you again refuse to live in that moment and put off living again until the next suppose future time.

Secondly I read a biography of  ‘Hilton’ sorry I can not remember his first name now, but the founder of the Hilton Hotel chain and I would expect the great grandfather of Hilton everyone now thinks of.  His drive and focus was considerable and he built the chain during one of most difficult times in US history, financially speaking.  However his ability to ignore or at least put aside the cares of day when he was finished still amazes me.  He stated that once he had done everything that he could do he would finish his day then go out with his family and friends and have a good time without, it would appear, a care in the world.  Talk about living in the moment.

Third is my attempt in last two days of living in the moment.  Given I have not completed the text, in the book,  on this it is just repeating in my mind “live in the moment” every time my mind wonders into futures concerns while doing something else in present.  This happens often.

It surprised me how hard it was at first and still is to keep from looking at future instead of present.  It amazes me that I would not have and did not see how often I was trying to live in the future instead of present.  My mind always wants to be somewhere else. ;).

That’s all for now.  Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much. Simle!


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