So What’s the Difference

A second day of trying to live in the moment.  Brings about a couple of points.

First what is the difference between the ego-mode living in the future and trying to plan or prepare for the future while living in the moment?

Second do I really want to live in the moment while sitting in a public washroom room stall?  Tried that but what I found was the mind wanted to be somewhere else and I really could not find anything to tell it had to stay with the body in the moment. 😉

It still takes a lot of effort and thought to keep the ego at bay and the mind in the moment.

And a third issue comes to me.  We still have no evidence that the spirit is returning while keeping my mind in the moment.  However it is good to note that life appears better lived this way whether or not the spirit comes home to rest.

Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much.  Smile!


2 thoughts on “So What’s the Difference

    • Thanks. I forgot my book at home and i am travelling for the next couple of weeks. I will resume my posts at that time.

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