Stop Reading and Reacting

Saturday, March 02, 2013

 Stop Reading and Reacting

Well this is me, then it is most people.  I have been thinking alot lately about the speed of lives given the speed of our communications.  People want, believe that they should have instantaneous access to other people, their time, their answers just because we have the technology of instant access does not mean we can process things in an instant.

We have grown up in this fast paced world but we need to learn to take time.  While we should be fast to listen we need to judge slowly, and answer slower.

 The Soul

Separation of mind body and soul is again broached.  Maybe a better way for me to understand this is the difference between mental, physical and spiritual.  We understand that it is hard to control the heart at times.  It as been stated, “the heart wants what the heart wants.”  Maybe the heart in this statement is the soul.

Now having the soul control the mind would be having the heart control the mind.  As a man this is almost like having the emotional taking control of the rational.  Or getting in touch with our feminine side. :))   Not something we are likely to do easily.

Interesting I can see the difference between the mind and soul but what controls the emotional.  Does the mind control how we react?  Or does the soul control?  I have always believed that we, that being the mind, us, controls or emotions.  When cry, when we laugh, when we are happy, sad, or anything else these are just what our mind is telling us.  But at times we appear to react spontaneously to things without appear to think.  During these times is our soul taking control?

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