The Universe Likes to Play Tricks

Well It as been quite a while since my last post concerning What’s the Point….

The universe and I are friends, or so I believe, and like most fun loving friendships pranks and tricks go along with the territory.  In this case it was where o where is my book.  I set out for a road trip and I knew I had packed my book.  But try as I may it was no where to be found.  Not in my vehicle, which is packed with all kinds of things.  It is not easy to search the entire contents in a few minutes.  Maybe a couple of hours work.

So after a week I concluded that I was mistaken about packing the book and had left it in my office at home.

Well weeks passed and I finally made it home and I figured I would read a few pages before bed but I could not locate it on my desk.  Being tried I went to bed and would search the office for it the next day.

Well my office like my truck if full of stuff and after a little time searching came to realize that the book was not in my office.  Since I had been keeping the daily blog of my thoughts I knew the book was in my hands the day I left for my trip but now it appeared not to be in either of the two places it would have been.

Over the next couple of days I emptied the truck for servicing and preparing for my next assignment.  I was still hoping to find the book in the truck, because I still knew I had packed it, however, it still it did not show up.

I searched the office again while packing for my next trip and still no luck with the book.  I would have to order a second copy and hope that the first had somehow found its way into the hands of someone who needed it.

So I started my trip believing the book was lost and during the following time forgot about finding the book.  One night while preparing to go to camp for the evening meal and sleep I decided not to take my usual laptop case from site to camp but to put my laptop in my backpack.  Now this backpack has a special compartment for the laptop.  So I unzipped it and tried to put the laptop in but it would not fit.  I slid my hand inside to find out what was blocking the access and pulled out the book.

Now this backpack goes everywhere with me.  When I show up either at a work site, hotel or home I bring in at least my Laptop case and my backpack and after spending hours over the last six weeks looking in every possible place for my book it was by all accounts as close to me as anything could have been the entire time.

So my friend I hope you had fun putting that over on me, but you better watch out you never know what I might do in return.

Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much! Smile.

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