Sharpen Your Intuition

Sunday, March 03, 2013

Sharpen Your Intuition

Before I start with today I want to quote the last line of yesterday.  “When you silence your mind, you can hear your soul!”

While I still am having a heard time with the whole concept of soul for some reason this sounds peaceful.  Is it my intuition, my soul, telling me so?

The sixth sense, ESP is the soul talking to us.  Interesting take on this subject.  What ever we think of ESP it would appear that there are abilities that some people appear to have that others do not.  In times past, and not so distant past, even present, so of these gifts, traits, abilities are referred to as demonic or spiritualistic.  Now here when I say spiritualistic it is in the sense of evil ways like witchcraft etc.  Of course spiritual can be seen as good.

My meaning is getting lost.  I have been taught in days gone by that these types of gifts are not of God but of Satan.  However it the same boat the people that taught me that also teach that meditation as in yoga or transcendental is also demonic.

Now this brings up a good point if we are all apart of the larger spirit called ‘god’ then what of the devil and demons.  If we are all godlike so to speak then where does evil come from?  The lack of contact with the soul?  Can it be that easy?

I believe in, like most people I assume, listening to my gut.  Now is this my soul talking to me?  Dawn, my long suffering wife, listens to her gut all the time.  This is both good and bad.  I believe she senses things and they are right.  However Dawn is fearful as well and so she believe in her fears using the fact that she is right about other feelings to mean she is right about her fears.

How do you know if it is your soul, the good part of you, or the fear that is talking to you?  Also just because it is fear does not make it wrong but at times this voice inside you is not your soul but your mind playing the soul.  Sort of ;).  How is one to know?

A false sense of intuition; again how does one know if you are listening to your mind or your soul?

“Benefit of the doubt”?  Not sure if because a person gives someone a chance to prove themselves is wrong or going against your better judgment but I guess if one feels that the person or thing is wrong and then goes against that feeling it is different than if you have no feeling either way but give the same person or thing a chance to prove its worth.

Interesting quote attributed to Albert Einstein, I will have to look that up.  “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift, while the rational mind is only its faithful servant”

(Gurdeep you may want to check your use of quotation marks in this passage.)

Again we are asked to check with out gut or soul when meeting a new person or making a decision.  I still question how we know we are talking to our soul or our mind?  Did I miss some thought earlier?


  1. No, I seldom live in the moment.
  2. Yes, I live on autopilot sometimes.
  3. A list short list of times I have, ‘read and reacted.’;
    1. Dawn makes a suggestion and I think she is trying to change me or tell me I am wrong.
    2. My boss wants me to change the way I perform.  I think he does not like my work and tell him off.
    3. and the list goes on and on.
  4. Usually my feelings are that I was in the wrong but try to justify them.  In the end it both makes me mad at my self that I allow them to upset me and I them find it hard to make things right.  With Dawn I usually apologies but with my boss I keep trying to prove I am right in my actions.
  5. What should I have done.  Listened, acknowledged what they said and tell them that I would think it over.  It would be good to work out why they are saying these things and then explain my reasons for acting in a different manner.
  6. What I want to say to my soul?  To let me know how to show more compassion to people, and how to be more at peace with my self.  But more importantly how to be more at peace with the world around me.
  7. A false sense of intuition.  While I know it as happened nothing comes to mind.  I once told Dawn the my son Correy’s arm was not broken when it was.  But I do not know if it was intuition.  I was scammed out of $1000 dollars on a bedroom suite but I had no feelings about it being the wrong thing to do.
  8. Again I can not list things,  I believe in following my gut as you say but I can not state that in so doing it as helped me.  I think it as but nothing comes seriously to mind.

I did some searching on the quote attributed to Einstein.  I wonder where it was located.  I can find no verifiable source but it is in a lot of lists on the internet but with no source citations.  The closest I could come was:

“The origin seems to actually be Metaphoric Mind: A Celebration of Creative Consciousness by Bob Samples (1976):

“Albert Einstein called the intuitive or metaphoric mind a sacred gift. He added that the rational mind was a faithful servant. It is paradoxical that in the context of modern life we have begun to worship the servant and defile the divine.” (p. 26)

Only the first part is what Samples claims is from Einstein, though he gives no source or citation and it fits with nothing that is recorded of Einstein’s quotes.  The second part is Samples’ own observation.  The two parts have been conflated into a “quote” of Einstein, when there is actually no evidence he said the first part and the second isn’t even attributed to him in the original source.”

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