What is spirituality?

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

What is spirituality?

Spirituality is the understanding that there is more to reality than our physical world.  It is the learning and acknowledging of this difference.

The word used in section to speak of the spiritual world is the immaterial world.  Not a word that I would of used or thought to use.  Not that the true meaning of immaterial is incorrect but that idea, the picture in my mind’s eye, is of irrelevance rather than not made of matter or non-physical.

I like the way the author places time and space in with the physical world.  Time is only relevant in the physical world and is solely required for movement of physical bodies from the micro to the macro.

The spiritual becomes a reality apart from the physical world.  In the next thought we are told that spirituality looks inwards, past the physical.  Interesting when most of us think of the spiritual, do we not automatically look outward.  When we think of heaven it is outside us not inside us.  A beautiful point. 🙂

The difference between spirit and soul is broached.  The spirit when it enters the physical world is changed (transformed?) into a soul.  We are again brought back to a point of the size of the soul, with only a small part being inside us.  The major part is still in the spiritual realm.

I have a hard time with this idea, and while it may be simple wording or semantics and trying to make people understand a new and possible hard idea I think it works against the thought.  The soul does not have a size, either large or small.  Size is relevant to space and as stated earlier and space is physical element.  Again like the analogies of heaven in the book of Revelations they are given so that earthly, physical man can be brought to an understanding.

It is possible that by putting numbers that meaning becomes muddled.  However she has probably run into this many times in trying to explain it to people so who am I to question the usage.

A thought is put to us that we existed prior to being born in earthly form, and that our spirit or portion of it enters the physical realm in our bodies and then it would return to the spirit world when we die.  This of course is a widely held belief however again I believe that this is not right.  This I say not simply out of a religious belief but more fundamental than that.  It comes down to purpose of the physical world and our physical bodies.  I do not want to go into this fully as it would take many pages and more time than I currently have.  But again it would a great conversation to have.

The idea that the spirit and soul are different is very agreeable to me.  It is as I believe but maybe not for the same reasons.  Or maybe for the same reasons.  Not wanting to quote scripture but here maybe it is relevant.  (I am hardly a born again Christian though I know the Bible more than most today I would say).  “And God breathed into Adam the breath of life, and he became a living soul.”  Now I do not a bible with me and the internet is not available in camp so that is a close as I can come to the quote.  But here the point is simply that when created Adam God breathed into him.  People have stated that this is like giving CPR however the big difference is that God was not breathing air/oxygen into Adam he breathed his spirit into him.  And just as the author states, that godly spirit then changes after enter the physical man and becomes a soul.  However the difference is that Adam became a living soul.  That is both the physical and spiritual combined became a living soul.  Enough said for now.

Again, I love the quote you attach to this thought by Jane Goodall, “It is {or, Is it} arrogant, presumptuous, to think that I might have heard the Voice of God?  Not at all.  We all do –“what a loving and true sentiment.

So we embark or have been embarking on this spiritual journey.  I have enjoyed it so far.

Only one question.  Thoughts Ideas Questions.  I will refrain from answering as the blog is just that.

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