The Universe and the Spirit World

7 March 2013

The Universe and the Spirit World

The word Universe is explored in the context of our new spirituality and how it has been transformed into an entity of its own.  The thought that what we call the universe is a new term for god.

For one I state that the universe and I are friends.  I do this all the time and tell people that is why I know how things will turn out better or why things are going to rosy and bright.  It is also why I do not get into accidents travelling all over the place in places were there can be several hours many hours or more between vehicles.  I know that I will be alright because the universe and I have discussed it.  Am I talking with God?

The universe in spiritual terms:

  1. Includes all that has been created.  ? Does it?
  2. God the creator, created the universe for living organisms. Ok, agreeable.
  3. The universe is the totality of everything that exists. ? Is it?
  4. Both the physical and the immaterial world exist in the universe. ???? Unclear, Muddled.
  5. Everything in universe lives inside the realm of time and space.  Agreed.  When we die our mind and soul connection with the universe is broken.  Ok I agree but probably not for the same reasons.
  6. The universe represents all the happens in this life.  Correct.  It has nothing to do with the afterlife.  ???? If there is an afterlife, just like if there is a forelife.  What is the purpose of these lives apart from life?

Given I am not a believer most of my concerns are predictable however one point stands out above all others.

I call it Muddled thought as opposed to clear thought.  It is like the difference between crisp clear spring water and muddy warm water.  The first you can see down thirty of more feet and see the fish and other creatures swim, the rocks and sand sparkle while in the other you can see but what it is, is hard to make out.

Points 4 and 5 appear to me as muddled thought.  This is not because I do not believe, or because of theology differences but because I am lost in your thought process.

In chapter 2 you define your idea of the soul and you list seventeen points trying to define the soul, for us.

Point 9 “The majority of our soul lives outside the realm of time and space.”

Point 11 “the realm outside of time and space is called the spirit world.”

Then in chapter 7 you state, “The immaterial world, is everything that is not directly related to the physical world.  It is a reality ….. that is outside the realm of worldly or material things.” You continue, “Our body lives in the physical world, but our inner-self is a part of the immaterial world.”

So to come back to point 4 where you now state “both the physical and immaterial realms exist in the universe.”  Then you add in point 5 that “everything in the universe lives inside the realm of time and space.”

So does our soul live outside of time and space or does in reside in the universe and thus lives inside the realm of time and space?

And the water just gets muddier.  In the second paragraph down you again state that realm that exists outside of time and space is the spirit world.  Is it possible you have interwoven the term universe into two meanings the first being the universe of the physical or what can be call the scientific universe and second the universe that you started the chapter referring to.  That of the universe that I call friend and that is seen as a new way of understanding god?

I am not trying to hard headed but it does not read quite right.  Then maybe again my glass might be dirty and that is what is causing the water to look muddled. J.

We move on.  The spirit world is where the afterlife exists.  Well again the afterlife is hard for me to fathom.  While I can believe in that which I cannot see and I can believe in the spirit realm and the Creator.  In fact FYI I am a creationist and do not believe in evolution.  Did I really say that on the internet?  Woops.   But afterlife and existing prior to birth well again why?

Now a new thought, a thought I have not heard of before, a third and more realms.  This begs a similarity to the seven levels of hell.  The third realm is where the creator lives by himself, he does not reside in the spiritual realm.  I guess I will need to understand the purpose of this before I can begin to digest it.  I can understand that no words can describe this place but did you not state that about the spiritual realm?

I will wait to see what you have to say on this later.  It is an intriguing thought.

One thought on “The Universe and the Spirit World

  1. Hello. Yes i now see some places that i have confused you. This book came from such a pure place and Writting the book was a journey for me in which I evolved. I guess in this chapter you can see how some of my thoughts have Evolved. When I first started to write this book I did not know there is a difference between the soul and the spirit. It was not until I started writing this chapter that this differentiation just came from I’m not sure where. Something beyond me.

    Some of your other questions will be answered soon. Keep reading and I believe it will come together for you soon.

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