Free Will

March 9, 2013

Free Will

I loved the chapter.  Much to agree with and think about, some that I want to disagree with but will think about, as you say “food for thought.”

God’s greatest gift to mankind is free will.  Yes it is an agreeable thing indeed.  For what is life if we are bound to do the will of another even if that other is the creator of heaven and earth.

For if we bring a biblical reference in again, it is in his image we are created.  God as free will, God is a creator and so we are the same we act in accordance with our own will and create the environment that we live in.

I agree that we have this free will and have the right to choose anything we want but it is hard to swallow that nothing is wrong.  Sorry to Neale Donald Walsch and his personal conversation with god, but I have had similar conversations with others regarding nothing is right or wrong.  It makes things so easy anything we believe is right.  If so why write this book is it right or is wrong.  Well if you believe it is right then it is so and if you believe it is wrong it is so.

I wonder who of us believe that cheating, lying, stealing, murdering, are good and honorable things for a person especially in the view that we all have the spark or light of god within us.  Again if we choose to believe that the simple idea of right and wrong, good and bad do not exist and everything just is this maybe a different point.  Then every action is just an action no matter what the out come.

But what would the purpose of one God’s creation be in killing another of his creation.  In this case not meaning man killing a beast but a man killing a man?

You start a thought but do not complete it; I hope you do finish this thought.  “The purpose of life….”, you choose to say what it is not but not what it is.

Sin is nonexistent; there are only obstacles to one’s ultimate union with God.  Interesting thought but is not sin just that, the obstacles which keeps us from the ultimate union with God.  So he states that it does not exist then restates in terms that are easier to hear.

Now we get to a point of consequences, are not these consequences the just punishment for choosing the wrong.  We have free will but that free will brings consequences when we choose the wrong path.  These consequences are both here and in the spiritual world.  In this world it could be bad health, imprisonment and or the loss of relationships and in the spiritual world it will be what; loss of the relationship with God’s spirit?  Who knows?

Now I agree with the statement that humans have created a ridiculous list of sins for themselves.

You state that we all agree that everything happens in accordance to God.  But that is large assumption to make, and it maybe the reason that you idea of free will is bent that way.   Let us say that everything was created according to God’s will, after that he gave mankind free will to choose his own course.  Then everything that happens after creation is not solely due to God’s will expect in the fact that he allows it to continue.  Man’s free will allows him to choose to follow a righteous and just path or not.  That does not mean the God believes that every action of creation is pleasing.  (Trying to use a word different that right or wrong, good or bad.)

Again I believe you are correct when you state that spirits do not have an assigned gender.  I do not know for sure but I would believe it to be so.  But to state that we including our soul do not have a gender, well I am not sure of that.  The reason of course is, I believe we are our soul and while we have a spiritual aspect, it is bound with our physical form and that form defiantly has a gender.  Forget about the fact that we cannot procreate that is nothing as you state.  It is simply against nature.  Now if two men or two women wish to have a relationship then so be it but we are men and women it is not just our physical form but our emotional and I would say our spiritual differences that make for a perfect union.  This is not that the female is less or lower just different.  Well I have said two things on the open internet that can get me thrown out of the club. J I do not believe in Evolution and I do not believe homosexuality is alright and I believe in that men and women are not the same.  God am I bad or what.

Now I love the thought “prejudices, racism, discrimination, anger and hatred are all paralyzing factors in our world”


  1. Yes I judge others.  In my mind we all judge ours but we judge ourselves more.
  2. Yes I am critical of myself.
    1. What for, not loving enough.  Not doing things for strangers just because I do not know them.  Not living up to my word.  Not giving more time to help those who are in need.
  3. I want to be the best I can be.  I need to feel I have contributed in some small way to the betterment of my family, friends, and society.
  4. I am a hypocrite all the time.  We all want things and then our actions often go against them.  I work in the oil and gas industry.  One of biggest polluters around both in how we get it out of the ground and what we do with it after.  I have been asked many times how can I work for them.  I want friends but I am not friendly, actually I do not like people, well one on one is ok but as a crowd I do not like it.
  5. Hard to answer if I ever felt like a sinner.  If I had to think about it I would say no.  I sometimes feel bad because of what I have done, guilt; or maybe bad because I was caught, fear but felt like a sinner no.  Maybe it is because we are what we are and this is what it feels like.
  6. Have I ever feared God’s judgment?  Yes I guess I did.  Or at least I was fearful that I was never going to good enough or the opposite that being good the devil would start picking on me.  What the heck.  What a world we create for ourselves.
  7. After reading this chapter I still believe the God judges people but then I have believed that for numerous years and I have only just read your chapter so let me digest the “food for thought.”
  8. Going forward will I stop judging and criticizing myself.  Well I will try just like living in the moment.  I will do that and living in the moment should stop me thinking about what I have done in the past.  Hopefully.
  9. Going forward will I stop judging and criticizing others.  Again it is hard to stop years of behavior but again I will try to live in the moment and moment will be gone so I hope the judgment will stop.
  10. I love free will.  Everything in my life is due to my free will and the free will of others that have chosen to share it with me.  All things that have gone wrong have been due to my actions all things that have gone well are due to my actions.  You just got to love that.  And to top it off the sun the rain the beauty that surrounds us is what the creator gives us whether we believe or not.
  11. Well I guess I stepped ahead.
  12. A hard question, I have a severe procrastination problem and it definitely stands in my.  However for the last 20 years it is my belief that we choose to be healthy and we choose to be happy.  If we choose not to be then we are standing in the way of our own happiness.
  13. I think my procrastination may be a form of sabotage however I do not believe it is so I will not be disappointed in others.
  14. – 16  Everything I do is free will I would say yes to all three although sixteen is hard one.  I try to extend a helping hand to strangers when I can.  Do I do it enough that is another question.

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