Touched by an Angle

March 8, 2013

Touched by an Angle

Well I read the entire chapter and still have nothing really to say about it.  Tara Banks,  I think I have heard of the her but I have no idea what type of show it is.  A day time talking head show.  Children who have physic abilities, healers who heal with the power of spirits and see angles.  Many things I do not know and this is one.  I have never met anyone who states they have these types of abilities and my upbringing does not lend itself to allow easily to believe in these types of magical things.

This is not to say that I can not conceive of them or am unwilling to allow the possibility of their existence it is just I have never encounter such a thing.


  1. List two or three coincidences that I have experienced.  Well you are going to get tired of me saying this but I remember no such things.  Not ones that I would call major, and none that would be life changing or even memorable.   Having said this again I have always known how things would turn out.  This is not specific as in a reading of foretelling of future events but just generally that this or that was the way things will turn out.  When they do I do not see it as a coincidence.  Now I but little weight on this ability however Dawn as asked several times how it is I know that things are going to work out.  She evens asks me now when she is concerned or fearful of something.  It makes her feel better when I tell her things are going to be well.
  2. They are not coincidences.
  3. Have I ever felt the presence of angels or spirits?  Not that I can remember.  When I was younger I believed I felt evil but I believe now that what I felt was fear of what religion was instilling in me.  The devil, Satan, demons, hell etc.
  4. Fearful

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