Life Is For ……

Sunday, May 18, 2014


I saw a sign that stated, “Life is for spontaneous laughter, grand adventures, eating ice cream and finding love.

Thanks Winners

Life is for ….

Yes indeed this is life as we have come to know it.

The reason I like this sign is that it highlights, at least for me the most important things.  Life is not about judgement, keeping up others, being the best, or any of the nouns that we come to believe in.  By this I simply mean that all the labels we inevitably place on events and things in our life are simply placed there by us or at least ACCEPTED by us to reinforce our view of reality.

My greatest belief is that we should not judge.  For those who follow Christianity, Judaism, and I would think, but not wholly sure, Muslims this is a central part of their belief.  Well at least in my view.  How we go from not judging to the point of judging everything is for another posting or probably several.  Let me just say for now that every time we judge we are really trying to say that this meets or strengthens our view of the world or that it is trying to weaken or make my world more unsure.  When the action or idea upholds what we already believe we feel secure and content thus we assume this is positive, good, and true.  On the reverse side of the coin when the action or idea is trying to weaken or go against what we already believe to be true we feel threatened and hurt thus we assume this is negative, bad, and false.

So back to sign.  {Sign, Sign, everywhere a sign, breaking up the blockin’ out the scenery, breakin’ my mind…}

Life is for spontaneous laughter

No judgement here.  Not the laughter of mean spirited people playing jokes on others or the when one person hides or not their judgement of others as being less than themselves, as bullies will do, but genuine, from the gut, belly laughter.  The type that is both contiguous and hard to stop.  This type of laughter typically crosses cultural and societal norms and barriers.  It allows for the release of tension between peoples of many different backgrounds and if we could it would allow a common point on which to grow.

, grand adventures,

This too I believe has no judgement.  Again putting aside those who would call the mistreatment of man against man an adventure as I know people do from time to time.  No the adventures here are those that bring people together for common good.  Sometimes it starts with a shared misery but can also start with a shared dream in any case when people strive to achieve a common goal that neither can do on their own then great things occur.  Not just in end goal but some times even greater accomplishments of human growth can be achieve, new ideas, well at least changes in old ones.

eating ice cream

ice cream, ice cream, we all scream for ice cream.  What can be judged by this.  The sharing of food of substance is thought in many cultures to show that two people are friends or at least not enemies.  And once shared no hostility could be brought to bear on either party by either party.  Even today think about getting together with your friends or trying to make new ones and our first thought goes to food.  Where should we go to eat, what should we share.  Definitely we need to share more so we can …..

and finding love

….find love.

Yes everything I know I learned from that sign.  In this case it does not block out the scenery from my mind and it definatly does not break.

Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much. Smile!


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