Think Outside the Box, Really


When I am told that it is just common sense this is what comes to my mind.

Inside the Box

I read somewhere recently that you should not think outside the box but live outside of it.  This I can agree with.

I do not know when I crawled out of the box; sometime before I was ten.

Since then I believe my mind or the way I think is not like other people.  Now we all think in some way different but I mean I do not believe even in general I think like others.  How does one prove this?  I am sure I do not know but for now I can tell you that I more than think, I live, work, laugh my whole being is outside the box.  This is more than a blessing it is a curse that I would never give up even if I could.

I state that I crawled out before ten.  This I assume because around the age of ten I started my first protest movement.  It was a success after that I can not remember anything really odd but I know I challenged everything and everyone.  I told my teachers when I thought they were wrong at times even proving it in front of the class.  Since I had few friends this won me no a-ta-boys from my peers and only made me more of an outcast.  The older I became the more alone, while I may not have been introverted I at least leaned that way.  And later came the depression, much later.

Of course I believed that everyone thought like me.  After all I was a human being; male, white with at least average intelligence why should I not think like everyone else.  But why did few people understand me?  Why did they not make the same conclusions I did?  Why did it seem I was always the odd man out?  It took me well into my life before I began thinking that maybe I did not think like others around me.  Now in my mid-life I can see that at some point I stopped living outside the box.

I did not move back into the box.  Somewhere along the way I have lost it.  It is covered with dust in a part of my mind that is used for storage of unused items that maybe someday brought back into the light.  No I did not move back into that box but I pretended to for the sake of friendships and getting along with others.  It is much easier to be you if you act like people want you to.  At least you do not have explain, or try to explain your every choice.

But while it might have made it easier for my everyday living it did little to improve my attitude.  I felt alone and vulnerable and not knowing how to express my inner thoughts in a way that did not make me feel outside the human race I kept the secret inside myself.

Yes I am like you, I think like you, I like like you do, I hate like you do.  I am you.

Thanks for sharing my thoughts.

Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much. Smile!

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