Spritual People

Human Experience


I do not support this sign literally but it does say something I want to explore and that is the relationship between the physical body, mind and spirit.

What is man.  Physical yes but more than that, much more I hope, I believe.

Man is alive, conscious, self-aware, aware of his surroundings; his place in the world.

Again, man is more than this, his he not?  Even if we believe that there is no god, no spiritual world, no others, as it were, we also know that our minds seek out the emotional.

So we have a physical body which includes the brain, we have a mind that most would say resides in the brain.  The brain controls the physical part of us and stores memories and again much more.  Emotion is little understood however most people agree that the mighty muscle we call the brain looks after this part of man as well.

So what happens when we combine the physical, mental, and emotional into one homogeneous body.  The bible, please do not leave has this is not a Christian posting just an interesting point, states in its first book, first chapter that God breathed into Adam the breath of life and he became a living soul.

Without looking at the religious part of this and just at the physical person of Adam what is this saying.  From the earth (clay) man was formed.  Not much to argue about at this point.  No matter how we believe we came into existence at some point we grow from the earth.  Fish, animals, people all eat vegetation from the ground or lakes, rivers sea.  This vegetation grows out of the earth.  So we cannot deny that even today man, woman and child grow out of the earth.

This is the physical part of man, even the brain, that wonderful computer like machine that governs us every moment of our life.

Yet at this point we are not yet alive, if you will excuse me we are just formed or molded.  The ground does not impart life in itself just the building blocks.  We could wait 1000 lifetimes and earth will not come alive.

So next, the breath of life was introduced to the form and by some phenomenon either natural or supernatural, the man comes alive.  Now let us go back to the quoted Biblical passage as see what happens next, “the man became a living soul.”

Some of you are wondering, so what; what is the point?  Well the Bible did not state that God breathed the soul into man; it did not state that the soul entered man in any way.  It stated simply that the form of man, the physical, mental and emotional whole became a soul.  This body of ours is as much apart of the soul as our mind and emotions and yes spirit.

We are more than the sum of our parts, yes.  But what are we without our mind, without our emotion, without our body, without our life spirit?  The answer to all the questions is the same.

We are not.

Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much. Smile!

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