Your Philosophy of Life – an e-mail from the Pacific Institue.

Your Philosophy of Life

I have spent the last several years trying to decide what my life philosophy is.  Not knowing that the search would take the turns it did getting to my present position is striking, not for the changes in my attitude towards ideas that once would have arouse my disdain but more because I now see that my earlier beliefs were on less stable ground than I first thought.

Read the letter below from the Pacific Institute UK and let me know what you think.


Do you have a philosophy of life for yourself? Could you describe your philosophy to someone else in 25 words or less?

Pete Carroll, head coach of the Seattle Seahawks, is a big fan of everyone having a personal philosophy of life. As relayed in his book, Pete spent a lot of time – and notebooks – putting his philosophy into words and then condensing it into 25 words or less. Could you?

While each of us probably does have a core philosophy to live by, very few of us could describe it to another person. We don’t take the time to write it down. Words, whether on paper or in an electronic file, put substance to our beliefs. The words provide a touchstone that we can go back to when life presents us with difficulties.

Our behaviour every day is a reflection of our beliefs. It is the way human beings are built. No matter what we might say, it is our actions that reflect our core beliefs, our philosophy of living. Everything that we do flows from this philosophy. If it doesn’t, that is where stress and anxiety can be found.

Now you may ask, “If I write down my philosophy, what happens if things change, if I change? Do I doggedly follow my ‘philosophy’?” That’s the beauty of writing things down – the words can be crossed out, erased and re-written! We are all going to change over time, as we learn the lessons that living teaches us.

Again, do you have a philosophy of life? Can you describe it in 25 words or less? Over the next week or so, find some quiet time for yourself and create your own philosophy – and write it down.


The Pacific Institute

For myself the idea of creating a life philosophy, and I mean creating, is that it forces me to rethink all my old ideology.  Most of the HAB(Habits, Attitudes, and Beliefs) we have are inherited from our parents, teachers, friends, society in general.  So what do you believe and why.  Examine everything your thoughts on religion, spirituality, sexuality, violence, money and determine why you believe what you believe.  Maybe your beliefs are holding you back, stopping you from becoming more self-aware.

Do we need to have a personal philosophy?  And if so do we need to state it simply to others?  I have never tried to write my philosophy down so have never condense it to 25 words or less.  This now intrigues me and I will take the next week or so to do this.  Challenge Thrown!  Any else up to taking up the challenge.  Determine who you are and what you believe.  Writing it down makes it real.  Yes you can change it.  It is a work in progress just like you.

More to come, I hope.

Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much. Smile!

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