Harper and the Evil of Communism


Mr. Harper, our Canadian prime minister, gave a speech to a group who are wanting  a national monument for the Victims of Communism.  I can see why this appeals to people however let us understand that communism is an ideology.  Ideologies are thoughts that give way to an idea that make their way to words, spoken and written.  These words are then taken up by others and the idea evolves, actions taken to shape the world into the image of the idea.

When these actions are destructive we strive to place guilt, and when the destruction is great we desire to blame or bring to justice more than an individual.  The idea must also be blamed and share in the guilt.  What I am trying to get across is that Lenin and Marx did not intend, in their ideology, to create countries that allow “man ‘s inhumanity toward man” to flourish.    Their intention was to create a system were everyone is equal.  Where all people share both the labor and the reward.  It still sounds like a  good ideal; unless of course we want to make money off the work of others.  Communism does not allow consumerism to flourish, does it?  But I digress;

“ What will this monument do?”, or not do?

Please see the following web page for their views on this. http://www.tributetoliberty.ca/

Will it train our leaders not to ask us to surrender our souls to their will and do the deeds that bring about loss of life?  All the war memorials built to this day have not accomplish it.  All the poppies sold and worn have not accomplished this.  What we need is not another memorial it is a change of heart.

The change I am talking about is two-fold.  First our leaders need to understand that we, their subjects, must never be asked to kill. Not one soul; for all men have the right to life. Secondly, and more importantly, the change must be in ourselves.  We must stand firm against those that would ask us to believe the killing of others is a requirement for social change or that the killing of even one, so many can live, is the better choice.

We believe in liberty.  We want it for ourselves and our families.  But what are we willing to give up for it?  Is the prize, freedom, worth the life of another?  What of his freedom?  Maybe he is being held hostage; because a man does not wear chains on the outside,  does not mean he is not captive.

Let us, not, remember the dead, let us instead remember the living.  Let us have respect for all life no matter what ideology they proclaim.  Once we can celebrate the differences in other cultures and beliefs, It will become evident that we are not different at all.  And that will be something worth memorializing.

So, let us stop the name calling and get down to the task at hand; peaceful relations with all the people of the world.   In the end only we as individuals can accomplish this.

Leaving this to people like Putin, Harper and Obama is our failing, as citizens of the world.

More to come ….

Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much. Smile!

To see the opposite view see “May Day: Victims of Communism Day” by The Lesbian Conservative.

For another view see “Madness” by A Worried Student.

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