The Act of Learning

Changing and Learning: Messages on the Move

Changing and Learning: Messages on the Move

I found the above message while looking through my recommended blog sites for inspiration for my next post.  I love this message and it is something I have stated myself, but never as poetically.  To me the learning of something new is not learning a fact I did not know before, but learning something I did not believe before.  It is almost impossible to go a day without learning, especially in this day of data overload, but how about changing our beliefs.  Well if not changing our beliefs at least defining why we hold the HABs (Habits, Attitudes, and Beliefs) we do. 

The fact is many of us do not know why we believe what we believe.  Some convert to a given religion and thus know at least a thing or two about that choice but for the rest most are born into it.  I will even place atheism into this mix.  What we believe, our religion, our faith, the way we interact with those people in our communities and the broader world are all due to our HAB.  Yet most of us do not know how we acquired these habits, attitudes and beliefs, fewer know how we can change them, or even why we should want to. 

Each of our habits, attitudes and beliefs is learned.  Most from such an early age we can never remember not having them, it is like we were born believing our truths to be just that, true.  But at one time we did not believe we just were; then we were taught to believe and everything changed.  Have you ever thought about the innocence of childhood and how children of two groups of people who have been warring for generations, whose lives appear built on the hatred of another race or nation, can play together carefree without intolerance.  They can even fall in love.  But then they are taught, they learn, they believe, and the world of innocence is gone.

My challenge to all, is to examine your HAB (Habits, Attitudes, Beliefs) and determine why you believe what you believe.  Are your Attitudes holding you back from understanding others?  Are your beliefs building up your society or tearing it down?  Our job, should we choose to accept it, is to use our remaining time to unlearn the old attitudes and beliefs that are chaining us to our hatreds and learn the new truths that will allow us to change the external world by changing the internal world.

More To Come

Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much. Smile!

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