the problem lies in the labels


Love this from “A Worried Student”. 

The Value Of A Human Life

You would think that by virtue of being human, every person’s life is worth the same. That if one person was to be murdered on one side of the world and another on the other, then the significance is the same.

Like a professor, Mathematics PhD, talking to us about how he knows when his solution is wrong, “if it is complicated”.  I strive to find the simple solutions to things, when we can narrow things down to the very simplest of terms in regards to both the question and the answer we can usually locate an answer.  If in the case presented in the blog article, were humanity is involved, maybe it is only the start of the solution.  But for me the problem lies in the labels.

If we can remove the labels every life becomes the same, does it not?  Try it and see.  Remove the labels and try to write a paragraph on a death of person and make it sound of greater importance than another.  Yes I know that many of you are writers who can make words sing praise but when we really want to reach out and touch another person’s heart most of us need to use words that they already have a sensitivity to.  LABELS are just that.  

Take the comment by  “amaothman”  , in the quoted blog entry, (sorry your comment is perfect for my point) if you remove the word “Palestinian”, which is a label, the comment is not lessened, it does not become any more true or for that matter false, it remains the same.  Only now it makes all the lives that have been lost worth the same.  Unlike the comment as is that places more value on one nation’s lost souls over another.

More to come,

Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much. Smile

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