Who Am I?


I recently found this great blog “Cold” it is definitely worth strolling through.  Within two minutes and without reading a line I knew I would like it but did not have the time to read it that day.  I clicked ‘Follow’ so that it would keep showing up in my reader and later went back to read a couple of articles and this entry, blew me away. 

State of Grace: A Short Explanation of a (former) Atheist’s Faith

I believe in God because I believe in love.

Now if you read my blog which few people actual do, even though I see more and more people all the time, you will understand that I have a Buddhist type of bent to my life.  This is strange I was raised an unknown, truly.  Religion was less than, not talked about.  And that is a full thought.  I found Christianity in senior high school on my own, by accident.  I did not want it just came at me and sounded good, plus it gave me a place to go.  This was a more modern type of spiritual awakening, meaning it was not staid, conformal, traditional but a place of joyous meeting where you ate, laughed, and played with the people who gave the sermons.  It was a nice place but I could not be held, I did not lose my way I just moved on.

Next came a more traditional religion, Jehovah’s Witnesses.  Please no cat calls, no one put it down especially those whom have never sat in my pants.  I spent many an hour listening to and giving talks.  I grew in patience for people and found out more about my personal spirituality than most, while under their guidance.  But they could not hold me either.  I found God was both personable and unapproachable at the same time.  I grew weary of trying to achieve something that I had been taught was not achievable.  So again I moved on.

Then came the arid years of my discontent.  Where my spirit wanted but I could not sate it.  No other religion appealed and nothing fell into my lap.  I wandered, I thought, and here I stayed and here I am.  I have grown in my thinking even though many would wonder about that.  Some of even said I had some kind of mental break.  And maybe that is true, is becoming self-aware, is finding your own understanding, is making a break from the societal norm, not a form of ‘mental break’?

I will leave you with this.  I now believe in science but I do not believe in evolution, I believe in creation but not in the afterlife.  Now tell me, what am I?

More to come

Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much. Smile

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