Fear and the Art of Living Together

Standing Up Against Oppression

Another well written and thought-provoking post by “A Worried Student”, and while I typically agree with him in this case it would seem that I hold some level of disagreement.  Not that I disagree with standing up against oppression just the idea that one side is true and just and other is bad and wrong.

For a minute, or longer if you can, imagine the walls came down over night.  The Israelis and the Palestinians are together without boarders, without armed camps, with only their personal beliefs left.  Each with the ability, freedom and right to go anywhere and do anything on the lands of Gaza and throughout Israel.

What would you hope to happen?  What do you think would happen?  What would be the best you could imagine, and what would be the worst?

I want to tell what I think but I cannot because it all feels false.  There are so many words but the worst I do not want to speak and the best I find hard to believe.  So in the end all I have is this.

Fear and the Art of Living Together.  If the walls came tumbling down and the people live in fear.  Whether that fear is real does not matter there will be anger, fights, violence and the people will rebuild the walls.  If however the fear is remove then the people will tear down the walls and build bridges with the rubble. 

And they will turn their swords into ploughshares.

More to come.

Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much. Smile!

6 thoughts on “Fear and the Art of Living Together

  1. True. Fear of each other causes conflict but often, the roots of fear need to be analysed. Why do Palestinians mistrust Israelis? This mistrust has grown since the occupation, not simply naturally. Of course, part of the Palestinians may be wrong in the same way some Israelis are also against violence but in this case, the clear oppressors can be seen to be Israel. Collective punishment has always been their tool.

    The barriers and borders coming down would not be enough, illegal settlements would also have to be removed and then perhaps there would be peace.

    • My friend I hope my words will not offend

      Walls are built out of fear.,this is true of all walls. I speak metaphorically but about physical walls; The Berlin Wall, the Great Wall of China, and the Gaza border are all built out of fear.

      Add to this that fear is never rational and the imagination causes the worst thoughts so only by removing fear are all things possible. But one can not remove fear from another only from one’s self. This is not something that is Israel, or Palestinian but it human. It is how are brains are wired. Only we, an individual, can choose to believe our fears. Can Israel and Palestine live in peace. Of course they can, they just must want it. Right now neither side wants it so they cannot.

      To be fair I know nothing of the conflict in Gaza, nothing of Zionist, nothing of Palestine or Palestinians, Israel or Israelis but I believe I know something of people, hatred, love, and peace and I have never met two peace loving people who cannot get along, and I never met two people who fear each other get along. This is true in business, politics, religion, and personal relations.

      Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much. Smile!

  2. Excellent article and discussion…

    South Africa provides a good case study for forecasting outcomes. I’ve thought about the dilemma, about life after the occupation and Endgame (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Endgame_(2009_film) is a movie about the final days of apartheid – I recommend all sides need to see it, to understand the ramifications of declaring peace, because those ramifications will be very challenging if not correctly handled.

    If you’re going to imprison a hive of bees in a cookie tin and then kick that tin around to breaking point – what do you think will eventually, inevitably happen? How do you placate a hive of angry bees?

    All need to declare peace in love, not fear. There needs to be real passion to bring it about – someone who is able to speak a language both sides understand and agree with, to focus on their similarities, but concessions, compromise and admitting wrong-doing cannot be peace meal. It has to be sincere and it has to be generous.

    People are people… lovely, creative, loving and proud. Very proud. But what’s the cost of absolute pride, and is it worth being sustained with exponentially increasing force?

    Peace 🙂

    • I love your word picture.

      If you’re going to imprison a hive of bees in a cookie tin and then kick that tin around to breaking point – what do you think will eventually, inevitably happen? How do you placate a hive of angry bees?

    • I believe at one time you could edit your own comment but it does appear to have been take away. I know I hate it after posting a comment and reading it over finding that I need to make an edit. 🙂

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