When the Walls Come Down

Sorrow in Gaza

I located another of us.  A fellow person with a life story to tell.  A blogger who starts from her own life and from there changes the lives of those she touches with her words.  Please take a gander at her site and read some of her posts, Nicola Kirk.

Nicola reminded me of an idea, well not so much reminded me of it but prompted me to look at something in a differing light.  “What happens after the walls come down?”  She can speak of the events after the end of apartheid in South Africa and draws parallel thoughts to what may happen between Israel and Palestine.

It made me think of the Berlin Wall, and the greater issue of what happens when long-held beliefs or ways of life change in what appears a blink of an eye.  I am often told that my ideas are too simple for the complex problems of this world.  That stopping fear, creating more love, changing beliefs are the solutions to the world problems is too simplistic.  And maybe so.  But I will not back down from this solving complex problems by breaking them down into the simplest terms and then solving these appears right to me.

I digress.  What Nicola made me think about is the time between the simple solution and the complex problem to be worked out.  I do not know if there is a term for this period.  There should be.  For me this is the time between the simple solution and the realities to set in.  People removing the bricks from the wall, toppling the wall, bring down the barrier this was easy.  However more than a quarter century later and unified Germany is only now starting to show true renewal from those days.

South Africa after apartheid.  Again more than a quarter century has passed.  I can not answer if there was a complex answer what I saw on my life monitor box was simple enough, and then there was the vote, and then apartheid was over.  South Africa did not, has not, reached its final solution.  It still suffers from brain drain and other woes of economy that were started in those simple days.  This is the complex issues being worked out after the simple solution.

What do I mean in the end?  Well.  I do not know.  Think of it like this.  If we waited for the complex solution to take form and be implemented we would still be waiting.  The simple solution is easy to implement and has at its greatest strength what could be said to be a very low “tipping point”, or a higher center of gravity making the process more unstable and more workable at the same time.

The period of adjustment after the simple solution is, for some, enough reason why the solution should not have been tried in the first place but this is not true.  This adjustment period would still be needed in a complex solution however without the energy that is inherent in the simple solution it would take more time to implement and typically would be done prior to the end being realized. 

What did the simple solution offer?  In reality it provides the impetus to move forward without the need to resolve every known issue prior to the start of the new order of things.  

One last thought on this.  The time and effort needed to push through the difficulties after the walls come down is related to the feelings of being out of our comfort zone.  When we chose to move ourselves out of this zone we can more easily recognize these feeling for what they are and move more quickly through them.   When we are forced to change our way of thinking by outside forces then we tend to resist these changes and feelings and this can create hostilities, fears, and even a wanting to return to the things lost. 

More to come

Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much. Smile!

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