A Man, A Waterfall; His Path

A man arrives at the top a waterfall after following his path.
The goal, as always, to keep moving.
Taking one more step means death.
If his path had taken him a mile upstream.
The river was wide but shallow, and the current slow.
If his path had taken him a mile downstream,
The river was fast and narrow with stepping stones across.
But his path had led him here.
He sits; ponders the situation.

If only I was elsewhere,
If only I could have controlled the path,
If only someone built a bridge,
If only I was smarter, stronger, younger, wealthier….
If only.

Then I could keep moving.
if or when the path is clear,
If or when I am at a place up or down stream,
If or when the river dries up,
If only I was somewhere else and circumstances are under control,
I could keep moving.

Everyone understands that a journey of any length, great or trivial starts but with a single step; while it may be equally understandable that a journey of any length, great or trivial starts only from where we are now, it is surprising that we try to start not from where we are but where we think we should be;  Upstream, downstream, a do over back in the past or maybe somewhere in the future when circumstances are more favorable.To move we must first accept, without blame, that we are where we should be. Being here is not the result of others, not a result of unknown forces, not a result of uncontrollable circumstances but we are where we are because of our decisions, every event in our life has brought us to this very place. The universe or whatever we wish to believe in has allowed us to follow our path to this exact spot will allows us to move in any direction, but only from this very same spot. If we try to move from any other we will find it impossible. Acceptance ,without blame, is the key to moving on.

Blame is fighting against our current place in the universe; believing we should be somewhere else. We have no more chance of changing our present as in shifting the course of the planets and stars. The only thing we can do is change the future but only from the present. Let me state that again, we can not affect the present. The present is as it is. It is as it should be. The only thing we have the power to affect is the future but only from our present position. Total acceptance of our current situation is required; for no matter if we want to walk up, down, back, or forward; It can only be done from this very spot. The spot we have, ourselves, placed us in.

Personally I find that not blaming others, or external forces quite simple, the hard part but just as necessary, no, not just as necessary but more so, is not to blame our self. The negative self-talk, doubts, and put-downs we have for ourselves are worse than we get from others and are harder to stop. However until we have stopped blaming ourselves moving can only be accomplished with great effort and alas in vain because the mind will always drag us back to a spot that we have not accepted; keeping us rooted in the past. This is why many find it hard if not impossible to let go of the past.

Acceptance is the key to changing our future.

If I might add, a PS as it were, once we have accepted our current reality, we do not need to expend great energy to move. The opposite is true that great energy is spent trying to remain still. When we have let go of all blame, have total acceptance of our present circumstance, moving forward will just occur. It is the natural state of man, of everything in the universe to move; It is standing still that takes all our energy.

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