Take a hour everyday to be silent so you may touch the universe that engulfs you.

The first of my pledges, to be silent, how easy is that. If only it were the case. What should be the easiest for any takes years of practice. It fools you in its simplicity for it is the hardest of all the pledges, I now think.

Well at least the hardest of those attributes I am trying to develop in myself. This, to be silent. What does it mean? If it was simply just not talking then my wife would say I have mastered silence time and time again and it is now it is time to not to be silent. But this is not what it means.

More than being quiet of voice it means to be quiet in yourself, both externally and internally. To stop thinking, stop talking in your mind, to make your mind go silent. I have read that in so doing we can achieve an understanding of the universal ways. It is only when we are truly silent that the universe, god; however you see him, speaks to our soul.

Can you stop thinking? For a minute, ten minutes, an hour? Start small it is truly an art and it will drive you crazy at first, at least I have read this. I have not master it even in a small way.

Have you tried it? How long were you able to go? Did you hear god? Let me know.

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