Tell Us Your New Years Resolution! We’ll Check On You Later This Year.

Is it better to tell your aspirations or keep them to yourself.  I do not know and I think it is probably a little of both.

If you are strong enough to bear the criticism and laughs of others, or like me you just do not care or more to the point deaf, I think.  Then telling others helps you cement it in your own consciousness.  If you read and understand my pledges for the new year you will see that uncertainty is something we must always embrace.

So with that in mind I release this, one of my desires to the winds of universal uncertainty and look forward to the year that is fast approaching and will soon be a fond memory.

Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much. Smile!


fingers top edt2Here’s the thing. Your New Year Resolution / project / secret plans for world domination / diet dreams for 2015? I don’t think you’re gonna stick to it!…There I said it! 🙂

So here’s the deal. If you tell me/us what it is, (you can be frank and revealing or mask your Bond-like world takeover), I will be back later this year to laugh at you or laugh with you!

Put It Out There!

Make it tangible so you can keep seeing it and put it in the comments. Let The Universe, Visualization and this Community support you/us!

Jim Carrey

Y’all know the story of Jim Carrey right? In the 1980’s he was a flat broke, out of work actor. For comfort and to visualise his dreams he wrote himself a check for $10 mil for ‘acting services rendered.’ He later received $10 mil for his role in Dumb and…

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