Commune With Nature To Feel The Throb Of The Ages

If keeping silent is that hard then communing with nature could not be easier. Since we are surrounded by nature everywhere we go how could we do anything but commune with nature. One would think. But alas, just like with be silent, communing with nature takes more than just being around nature.

I feel that it is not as hard as being silent and it is easier once we have mastered being silent. Oh gee we are back to that again, simple but hard.

To commune with nature: I remember taking my sons on my walks and they wanted to see what I saw and talked about; the birds and animals and everything. Of course they would not be quiet and everything, for kilometers around, knew my boys and me where in those environs. I think even the fish fled at times.

It is like that when we commune with nature, if we are noisy, internally, the gifts that nature would like to show us; the throb of the ages, cannot be seen. Only by being silent while in nature. Again silent being an emotional or spiritual attribute not physical.

Why should we be interested in communing with nature? Think of it this way, everything we have, everything we will ever need comes from nature. It does not matter whether we are religious, spiritual or purely secular the truth of the statement cannot be looked on lightly. Everything comes from the garden of earthly delights. If it is not there we cannot make it. Everything even the worst of our commercial goods first starts out however changed in this garden.

The energy of everything that has ever been in all creation till now has left its mark on the nature that surrounds us today. We can, if we will listen, discern the very essence of our history. Thus in knowing what was and what is we can define for ourselves what is yet to be.

More to come.

Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much. Smile!

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