I Am Both an Atheist and a Non-Theist

First, be it known I am neither an Atheist nor a Non-Theist.  The title was from the original blog posting and I kept it that way.

Second, I do not know whether I am religious but I know I believe.  In what you might ask, and so do I.

Interesting what power words really hold. The power over the mind and the belief of given person is stored in these marks. The media may amplify the message to the masses but does not yet alter the power its power over a single reader.

The reason given for the change from Atheist to Non-Theist was simple back in my great-grand dad’s day. Atheist were considered amoral or was that immoral or unmoral. What ever it was the Atheist wanted a word that did not have the same imagery so they came up with nontheist. Which means the same thing with out the associated issue of morality.

Words –> Image –> Belief –> Power

Not power in the physical or political sense but power in the effect it has over an individual.

Does it really matter if one is an atheist as opposed to an nontheist? Well it did in the late 19th century but does it in the early 21st. Probably not unless those pesky words are still having the same power over people.

Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much. Smile!


It’s true! I am both an atheist and a non-theist. A lot of you (all Christians, I might add) have said that one is either an atheist or a non-theist, and you have made comments in regards to non-theism being better, more sensible, more logical. But I am both. In fact, all atheists are both. Why? Because atheism and non-theism both mean the same thing: not a theist. A theist, as I’m sure you all know, is someone who believes that there is at least one god. Therefore, someone who is not a theist does not believe that there are any gods. That is what makes someone an atheist and it is what makes someone a non-theist. Don’t believe me? Check the link: http://www.learnenglish.de/grammar/prefixtext.html. Both the prefix for atheist (a-) and the prefix for non-theist (non-) mean not. The only difference is origin. The a- prefix comes from Greek. Non-…

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