Give to Everyone You Meet to Circulate Joy

This is fourth in series of pledges I made to myself has a new years resloutions of sorts.  You can find the full list here in this blog post.  I Pledge – a new beginning for a new year

I love the idea of giving to everyone I meet for several reasons; has we give we receive.

It is impossible to hate people and give to them at the same time. Just by the act of giving we bring joy to those around us. And when they have more joy in their lives it will automatically be directed back to us so we receive more joy. And round, round it goes. Or joy.

I love to give. While it is said that giving must be done in a non-selfish way to be worthwhile, I believe it is the opposite. Just like not judging allows us to stop judging ourselves, giving allows us to receive at the same time. Please see tomorrows post for more on this

Now this giving is not meant to break your bank. Giving is easy; one gives a smile, a prayer, a blessing, a thank you, a card, a small gift, a helping hand. Once we start giving we can find many ways to keep giving.

Then of course there is the very splendid idea of showing kindness to strangers. Now some give this a day, I say let’s make this every day. To be fair the people who set up these days are trying to get others to try it one day. Then hopefully they will see a benefit in themselves and continue with it afterwards.

Now I believe that as I give so I will receive but here I will throw in a word of caution. I do not know what part of creation does this, let’s call it the Universal Spirit, but it only works if you are truly giving for the right reasons. If you are giving for the sole reason you want to see if you will receive it back you will not. If you do it trying to get something back you will not. Only if you give for purely the joy of giving will it be returned to you.

Give and the whole world will give with you.

And remember try as you might you cannot take it with you.

Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much. Smile!

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