Receive Willing All Gifts Placed Before You

This is the fifth in series of pledges I made to myself has New Year’s resolutions of sorts.  You can find the full list here in this blog post.  I Pledge – a new beginning for a new year

Have you even known people, even yourself who are uncomfortable with receiving? I have a couple of good friends whom hate me giving to them. If you read my post from yesterday you will see how this weaves into today’s post. If I give to them they must give something back to me or they feel beholden, as they say.

Can we not just freely receive? While we all secretly like to get, and I use that crass word by choice, we do not like to receive.

When the creator, whatever you believe him, her, them, or it to be, gives it does not do so with any partiality. Sorry. Even the very good book I have read a few times states that god gives to the just and unjust in the same manner. Does the gift of rain fall on us all no matter what?

Remember all the best things are received freely. I will beg forgiveness from those of you who say you never want anything that you did not pay for, earn. That receiving of charity, as it were, cannot be tolerated. But all good things are received freely. End of story. What we earn may give us the means of life but what we receive, freely, that is what makes life worth living in the first place.

By not receiving gifts we actually stop the flow of positive energy. When I give, my intention is to give those around me, not just the item I offer but my positive energy to them. However by refusing to accept the gift freely the energy stops flowing to you and if it does not flow to you; you in turn cannot give it to others.

By receiving freely we allow others to share their energy and joys, or even sufferings with us allowing the universal energy to flow in our lives.

Next post “Be Conscious of Each Choice You Make.”

Live Well, Laugh Often Love Much. Smile!

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