Be Conscious of Each Choice You Make To Control What Happens Next

This is the sixth in series of pledges I made to myself has New Year’s resolutions of sorts.  You can find the full list here in this blog post.  I Pledge – a new beginning for a new year

I know you think you are conscious of everything you do, but are we really that conscious? I believe people generally go through life on auto-pilot allowing their sub-conscious interact with the world around them for this takes the least amount of work on our part. After a while of doing this, and most of us have been doing this from youth, what was second nature is so imbedded in us it appear to be first nature. But it is not.

All our feelings are under our conscious control. When we get angry, feel hurt, and ‘spontaneous erupt’ after someone pushes the right button, we have chosen to do that. When we then say that the other made me do it we take control, and thus responsibility for this action away from us and give it to the other.

How better to keep control of our own life by taking first, responsibility for each and every moment but more importantly choosing ahead of time to be consciously aware each choice we make. No more others controlling us, but every action is because we wanted to do it.

This is great because it gives us a feeling power over our lives. We go to work at 7:30 because we want to not because some unfeeling corporation told us we must. We own our anger and our love, and as the title states we now can control what happens next. When we allow, give permission for the others, to have control of us they also have control of what happens next in our lives.

To state this in another way, when we believe our lives are externally controlled we typically feel the victim but when we believe our life is internally controlled we feel we have the situation well in hand and set out making things happen.

I for one have had enough of the others controlling my life and so I pledged that I will be conscious of every choice I make, will you?

Next post “Plunge Ahead With Abandon.”

Live Well, Laugh Often Love Much. Smile!

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