Plunge Ahead With Abandon As This Will Cause the Most Joy

This is the seventh in series of pledges I made to myself as New Year’s resolutions of sorts.  You can find the full list here in this blog post.  I Pledge – a new beginning for a new year

To plunge ahead with abandon, this phrase just makes me smile from ear to ear. It brings to mind on of my greatest mentors, Calvin. Hopefully most of you know who I mean, for the ones who do not please see this link. Calvin & Hobbes. He is the hidden child in all of us, who once an idea comes to mind it has a life of its own. How I miss those days, and how I am trying in my greying age to get that attitude back.

It is the way to get things done, is it not, instead of stopping after getting an idea or dream in your head but to start building it right then and there? To quote Frank Tibolt, “We should be taught not to wait for inspiration to start a thing. Action always generates inspiration. Inspiration seldom generates action.” Now in Mr. Tibolt’s words we are waiting for something else to tell us we should start or continue with a given idea. I remember after taking severance from a position and wanting to go back to school to take some training I thought I was not yet ready to do so. I needed more money, more time, more something else that I did not have at that point in time so I waited and waited and waited. More than a year went by and still things were not right still I needed more something. And yes a second year went by.

One day after realizing that I would be waiting until my kids were grown and gone and then my mortgage was paid, even though I did not have a mortgage at that time, I just went to the university and put in my applications. Three months later I started my new education plan. Did it go smoothly all the time? No, but I did complete my studies and did manage, with my wife, family and friends help to both finish school and care for the needs of those under my care. This without first filling the persistent present needs I thought I had and that were holding back from moving forward.

I have talked about universal energy in other posts and it keeps coming back to my mind. Starting from being silent, communing with nature, judging nothing and so on all help us to tap into this universal energy. Plunging ahead with abandon is how we can take this energy and cause positive events to take shape around us.

So let’s have some fun and build the fort today, for tomorrow will come and without the fort we will still have to move on. Today is the day to build the fort, “Calvin, get Hobbes and I will get my brothers and sons and we will have the best of life today.”

Next post “Accept Every Moment Is As It Should Be.”

Live Well, Laugh Often Love Much. Smile!

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