I Know and Accept That Every Moment is as it Should be for this Allows Me to Change the Future

This is the eighth in series of pledges I made to myself has New Year’s resolutions of sorts.  You can find the full list here in this blog post.  I Pledge – a new beginning for a new year

The title is a bold statement, is it not? How is it that I can believe this? Can any of us really change the future?

There is some old adage that states that one cannot change yesterday because it is the past and we cannot change tomorrow because it is the future so the only thing we have is today or now. The meaning is that we can only hope to change the present, and the people who follow this reasoning, as I did for years, choose to live in the moment. Still a good idea and I wonder if the two are actually mutually exclusive.

For a moment clear your mind and follow me down the rabbit hole to a world where we live in the future rather than the present. Deepak tells us, as the same old adage states, that we cannot live, or alter the past, but he adds we are just as powerless to change the present! Why? He goes on to state that everything that has happened in the past, every choice we have ever made lead us to this point. Every choice that anyone else, who is in your sphere of influence right now, as lead them to this precise moment in time, this present. Since nothing can now be done to change the events that led up to this present time nothing can now be done to change the present from happening. All the energy and effort we put forth in trying to change the present is wasted, it is as we are trying to change the path of the stars. However we can change the future. Our actions and our reactions to the present events alter or more accurately direct our future course.

By accepting the moment is as it should be we stop wasting time, energy and effort on trying to change the now, that is already set in stone, and utilize that energy to mold a better future. It is interesting to note that it takes less effort to change our future than we now spend in fruitlessly attempting to change our present situation.

To be clear I am not saying anyone needs to accept that their present place is where they should stay only that before we can truly make changes to our future must accept the present. It is only from this point that we can start affecting change in our future. Taking any trip we can only start from where we are now. Not where we want to be or even from where we were only from where we are. Accept that first and then chose your future.

See you there.

Next post “Take Responsibility – Without Blame.”

Live Well, Laugh Often Love Much. Smile!

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