Well this is about me, and it is me but that tells you little more than I am about me.

What else might someone else want to know?

I am:

Spiritual without being a spirit

Creative without being an artist

Wise without being smart

Rich without being wealthy

Interested without being interesting

Brave without being courageous

Invincible without being strong


I am:

A man with no name

A philosopher with no philosophy

A worker with no work

An activist with no cause

A survivor with no crisis

A warrior with no war

A lover with no love


I am:


Afraid in the peace

Sadden in the joy

Cooling in the warmth

Lying in the truth

Drying in the moisture

Solitary in the crowd


I am every man; I am you.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Carl read somethings you posted as comments on the ten things guys need to do wall. I was blown away first by your humanness and compassion and second by your sense of equality, though others might accuse you of having none. You are interesting to read

    • Christopher

      Thanks for that. It means a lot to me I have only just started writing in this blog. Even though I have had it for several years. I will check out your site and hope you keep enjoying my posts.

      Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much. Smile

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