Commune With Nature To Feel The Throb Of The Ages

If keeping silent is that hard then communing with nature could not be easier. Since we are surrounded by nature everywhere we go how could we do anything but commune with nature. One would think. But alas, just like with be silent, communing with nature takes more than just being around nature.

I feel that it is not as hard as being silent and it is easier once we have mastered being silent. Oh gee we are back to that again, simple but hard.

To commune with nature: I remember taking my sons on my walks and they wanted to see what I saw and talked about; the birds and animals and everything. Of course they would not be quiet and everything, for kilometers around, knew my boys and me where in those environs. I think even the fish fled at times.

It is like that when we commune with nature, if we are noisy, internally, the gifts that nature would like to show us; the throb of the ages, cannot be seen. Only by being silent while in nature. Again silent being an emotional or spiritual attribute not physical.

Why should we be interested in communing with nature? Think of it this way, everything we have, everything we will ever need comes from nature. It does not matter whether we are religious, spiritual or purely secular the truth of the statement cannot be looked on lightly. Everything comes from the garden of earthly delights. If it is not there we cannot make it. Everything even the worst of our commercial goods first starts out however changed in this garden.

The energy of everything that has ever been in all creation till now has left its mark on the nature that surrounds us today. We can, if we will listen, discern the very essence of our history. Thus in knowing what was and what is we can define for ourselves what is yet to be.

More to come.

Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much. Smile!

I Am Both an Atheist and a Non-Theist

First, be it known I am neither an Atheist nor a Non-Theist.  The title was from the original blog posting and I kept it that way.

Second, I do not know whether I am religious but I know I believe.  In what you might ask, and so do I.

Interesting what power words really hold. The power over the mind and the belief of given person is stored in these marks. The media may amplify the message to the masses but does not yet alter the power its power over a single reader.

The reason given for the change from Atheist to Non-Theist was simple back in my great-grand dad’s day. Atheist were considered amoral or was that immoral or unmoral. What ever it was the Atheist wanted a word that did not have the same imagery so they came up with nontheist. Which means the same thing with out the associated issue of morality.

Words –> Image –> Belief –> Power

Not power in the physical or political sense but power in the effect it has over an individual.

Does it really matter if one is an atheist as opposed to an nontheist? Well it did in the late 19th century but does it in the early 21st. Probably not unless those pesky words are still having the same power over people.

Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much. Smile!


It’s true! I am both an atheist and a non-theist. A lot of you (all Christians, I might add) have said that one is either an atheist or a non-theist, and you have made comments in regards to non-theism being better, more sensible, more logical. But I am both. In fact, all atheists are both. Why? Because atheism and non-theism both mean the same thing: not a theist. A theist, as I’m sure you all know, is someone who believes that there is at least one god. Therefore, someone who is not a theist does not believe that there are any gods. That is what makes someone an atheist and it is what makes someone a non-theist. Don’t believe me? Check the link: Both the prefix for atheist (a-) and the prefix for non-theist (non-) mean not. The only difference is origin. The a- prefix comes from Greek. Non-…

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Take a hour everyday to be silent so you may touch the universe that engulfs you.

The first of my pledges, to be silent, how easy is that. If only it were the case. What should be the easiest for any takes years of practice. It fools you in its simplicity for it is the hardest of all the pledges, I now think.

Well at least the hardest of those attributes I am trying to develop in myself. This, to be silent. What does it mean? If it was simply just not talking then my wife would say I have mastered silence time and time again and it is now it is time to not to be silent. But this is not what it means.

More than being quiet of voice it means to be quiet in yourself, both externally and internally. To stop thinking, stop talking in your mind, to make your mind go silent. I have read that in so doing we can achieve an understanding of the universal ways. It is only when we are truly silent that the universe, god; however you see him, speaks to our soul.

Can you stop thinking? For a minute, ten minutes, an hour? Start small it is truly an art and it will drive you crazy at first, at least I have read this. I have not master it even in a small way.

Have you tried it? How long were you able to go? Did you hear god? Let me know.

Tell Us Your New Years Resolution! We’ll Check On You Later This Year.

Is it better to tell your aspirations or keep them to yourself.  I do not know and I think it is probably a little of both.

If you are strong enough to bear the criticism and laughs of others, or like me you just do not care or more to the point deaf, I think.  Then telling others helps you cement it in your own consciousness.  If you read and understand my pledges for the new year you will see that uncertainty is something we must always embrace.

So with that in mind I release this, one of my desires to the winds of universal uncertainty and look forward to the year that is fast approaching and will soon be a fond memory.

Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much. Smile!


fingers top edt2Here’s the thing. Your New Year Resolution / project / secret plans for world domination / diet dreams for 2015? I don’t think you’re gonna stick to it!…There I said it! 🙂

So here’s the deal. If you tell me/us what it is, (you can be frank and revealing or mask your Bond-like world takeover), I will be back later this year to laugh at you or laugh with you!

Put It Out There!

Make it tangible so you can keep seeing it and put it in the comments. Let The Universe, Visualization and this Community support you/us!

Jim Carrey

Y’all know the story of Jim Carrey right? In the 1980’s he was a flat broke, out of work actor. For comfort and to visualise his dreams he wrote himself a check for $10 mil for ‘acting services rendered.’ He later received $10 mil for his role in Dumb and…

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I Pledge – a new beginning for a new year

I Pledge

:to be silent

:to commune with nature

:to judge nothing

:to give to everyone I meet

:to receive willing all gifts

:to be conscious of every choice I make

:to plunge ahead with abandon

:to accept that every moment is as it should be

:to take responsibility for my current situation

:to relinquish the need to defend my point of view

:to have a list of my desires

:to release my desires

:to always be living in the present

:to allow myself and those around me the freedom to be as they are

:to not force solutions on problems

:to allow uncertainty to be an essential part to my life

:to feel better the more things appear uncertain

:to be open to the infinite array of choices within uncertainty

:to allow the spirit within to animate my body and mind.

:to express my unique talents in the service of humanity

:to ask, “how can I serve?”

A Man, A Waterfall; His Path

A man arrives at the top a waterfall after following his path.
The goal, as always, to keep moving.
Taking one more step means death.
If his path had taken him a mile upstream.
The river was wide but shallow, and the current slow.
If his path had taken him a mile downstream,
The river was fast and narrow with stepping stones across.
But his path had led him here.
He sits; ponders the situation.

If only I was elsewhere,
If only I could have controlled the path,
If only someone built a bridge,
If only I was smarter, stronger, younger, wealthier….
If only.

Then I could keep moving.
if or when the path is clear,
If or when I am at a place up or down stream,
If or when the river dries up,
If only I was somewhere else and circumstances are under control,
I could keep moving.

Everyone understands that a journey of any length, great or trivial starts but with a single step; while it may be equally understandable that a journey of any length, great or trivial starts only from where we are now, it is surprising that we try to start not from where we are but where we think we should be;  Upstream, downstream, a do over back in the past or maybe somewhere in the future when circumstances are more favorable.To move we must first accept, without blame, that we are where we should be. Being here is not the result of others, not a result of unknown forces, not a result of uncontrollable circumstances but we are where we are because of our decisions, every event in our life has brought us to this very place. The universe or whatever we wish to believe in has allowed us to follow our path to this exact spot will allows us to move in any direction, but only from this very same spot. If we try to move from any other we will find it impossible. Acceptance ,without blame, is the key to moving on.

Blame is fighting against our current place in the universe; believing we should be somewhere else. We have no more chance of changing our present as in shifting the course of the planets and stars. The only thing we can do is change the future but only from the present. Let me state that again, we can not affect the present. The present is as it is. It is as it should be. The only thing we have the power to affect is the future but only from our present position. Total acceptance of our current situation is required; for no matter if we want to walk up, down, back, or forward; It can only be done from this very spot. The spot we have, ourselves, placed us in.

Personally I find that not blaming others, or external forces quite simple, the hard part but just as necessary, no, not just as necessary but more so, is not to blame our self. The negative self-talk, doubts, and put-downs we have for ourselves are worse than we get from others and are harder to stop. However until we have stopped blaming ourselves moving can only be accomplished with great effort and alas in vain because the mind will always drag us back to a spot that we have not accepted; keeping us rooted in the past. This is why many find it hard if not impossible to let go of the past.

Acceptance is the key to changing our future.

If I might add, a PS as it were, once we have accepted our current reality, we do not need to expend great energy to move. The opposite is true that great energy is spent trying to remain still. When we have let go of all blame, have total acceptance of our present circumstance, moving forward will just occur. It is the natural state of man, of everything in the universe to move; It is standing still that takes all our energy.

Coincidences Do Happen, Right?

When Our Paths Cross

I read a great post from a blog I have been following for a short while. The premise is that “whenever our life path crosses someone else’s, whether it be for a few minutes or an extended period of time, we have something to learn from the person and something to give them” It goes on to say that our meeting is no accident.

It sounds too much like fate for my liking, to be fair the blog author states something similar. Karuna goes on to describe a time when she meets three people that if not fate what would the chances of them meeting be.

The one that blew my mind is she met a young lady who was born in the same hospital that she worked as a nurse in the maternity ward at time the other person was born. The possibility that Karuna actually held this woman on the day she was born. Now if you read the post, which you should, you will come to know the most amazing part of this story is that the two came together not in same city, state, nation, but while travelling thousands of kilometers away from the birthing hospital.

Fate no. Coincidence, everyone from the great Jethro Gibbs on down says they do not believe in coincidences. Yet coincidences happen, do they not?

Well I believe there is a connection between everything. Being a man of science, well alright a man who likes science and a spiritual man, well all right, a man who likes spiritual things I am trying to explore this connection. Which field does this connection belong in, science or the spiritual? Could it be both? Well just under a hundred years ago Einstein made a disturbing discovery while researching the theory of relativity. He referred to it as “spooky action at a distance” and it has become known as Quantum Entanglement.

Quantum entanglement is a physical phenomenon that occurs when pairs or groups of particles are generated or interact in ways such that the quantum state of each particle cannot be described independently – instead, a quantum state may be given for the system as a whole.

Quantum entanglement is an area of extremely active research by the physics community, and its effects have been demonstrated experimentally with photons, electrons, molecules the size of buckyballs,[11][12] and even small diamonds.[13][14] Research is also focused on the utilization of entanglement effects in communication and computation.

Let us boil down what this mumbo gumbo is. It means that any group of atoms, molecules or atomic systems separated by distance, even great distances will rotate in the same direction. If one changes the other immediately changes. This change happens so fast that no known communication could happen. That is because all known communications are thought to be bound by the theory of relativity. It cannot go faster than the speed of light. However these groups of cells act like they are communicating.

This is something that rests on the outside of our known scientific reality but at the same time it has been known for centuries by many sages. When I say rests on the outside I mean that while a lot of scientific experimentation and work is being performed on this it little understood by the general public. The above quote is from Wikipedia, not the greatest of scientific papers however enough that we can at least see there is a semblance of normality to this post. But I do want to go a little farther. When we push beyond the known we at some point start asking the questions of science that we have till now asked only of religion. Why are we here and is there something more?

Spooky action at a distance, is what coincidence is, is it not? And if so what does it mean? What about déjà vu, mental telepathy, and knowing when one of god’s little creatures hits the ground.  It just might answer why we meet a stranger half way round the world and find out they are not a stranger after all.

I do not intend to have a scientific debate on this. I could not hold my own against all the people who will try to prove me wrong or feel the need to prove their knowledge or theory more correct. I just find it astonishing that on the summit of scientific achievement that science may yet prove that the theologians were correct in the first place. All these things become possible. All of sudden science and spirituality may just find themselves friends.

What a world that will be, and we will be here to see it happen.

More to come.

Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much. Smile!

When the Walls Come Down

Sorrow in Gaza

I located another of us.  A fellow person with a life story to tell.  A blogger who starts from her own life and from there changes the lives of those she touches with her words.  Please take a gander at her site and read some of her posts, Nicola Kirk.

Nicola reminded me of an idea, well not so much reminded me of it but prompted me to look at something in a differing light.  “What happens after the walls come down?”  She can speak of the events after the end of apartheid in South Africa and draws parallel thoughts to what may happen between Israel and Palestine.

It made me think of the Berlin Wall, and the greater issue of what happens when long-held beliefs or ways of life change in what appears a blink of an eye.  I am often told that my ideas are too simple for the complex problems of this world.  That stopping fear, creating more love, changing beliefs are the solutions to the world problems is too simplistic.  And maybe so.  But I will not back down from this solving complex problems by breaking them down into the simplest terms and then solving these appears right to me.

I digress.  What Nicola made me think about is the time between the simple solution and the complex problem to be worked out.  I do not know if there is a term for this period.  There should be.  For me this is the time between the simple solution and the realities to set in.  People removing the bricks from the wall, toppling the wall, bring down the barrier this was easy.  However more than a quarter century later and unified Germany is only now starting to show true renewal from those days.

South Africa after apartheid.  Again more than a quarter century has passed.  I can not answer if there was a complex answer what I saw on my life monitor box was simple enough, and then there was the vote, and then apartheid was over.  South Africa did not, has not, reached its final solution.  It still suffers from brain drain and other woes of economy that were started in those simple days.  This is the complex issues being worked out after the simple solution.

What do I mean in the end?  Well.  I do not know.  Think of it like this.  If we waited for the complex solution to take form and be implemented we would still be waiting.  The simple solution is easy to implement and has at its greatest strength what could be said to be a very low “tipping point”, or a higher center of gravity making the process more unstable and more workable at the same time.

The period of adjustment after the simple solution is, for some, enough reason why the solution should not have been tried in the first place but this is not true.  This adjustment period would still be needed in a complex solution however without the energy that is inherent in the simple solution it would take more time to implement and typically would be done prior to the end being realized. 

What did the simple solution offer?  In reality it provides the impetus to move forward without the need to resolve every known issue prior to the start of the new order of things.  

One last thought on this.  The time and effort needed to push through the difficulties after the walls come down is related to the feelings of being out of our comfort zone.  When we chose to move ourselves out of this zone we can more easily recognize these feeling for what they are and move more quickly through them.   When we are forced to change our way of thinking by outside forces then we tend to resist these changes and feelings and this can create hostilities, fears, and even a wanting to return to the things lost. 

More to come

Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much. Smile!

Fear and the Art of Living Together

Standing Up Against Oppression

Another well written and thought-provoking post by “A Worried Student”, and while I typically agree with him in this case it would seem that I hold some level of disagreement.  Not that I disagree with standing up against oppression just the idea that one side is true and just and other is bad and wrong.

For a minute, or longer if you can, imagine the walls came down over night.  The Israelis and the Palestinians are together without boarders, without armed camps, with only their personal beliefs left.  Each with the ability, freedom and right to go anywhere and do anything on the lands of Gaza and throughout Israel.

What would you hope to happen?  What do you think would happen?  What would be the best you could imagine, and what would be the worst?

I want to tell what I think but I cannot because it all feels false.  There are so many words but the worst I do not want to speak and the best I find hard to believe.  So in the end all I have is this.

Fear and the Art of Living Together.  If the walls came tumbling down and the people live in fear.  Whether that fear is real does not matter there will be anger, fights, violence and the people will rebuild the walls.  If however the fear is remove then the people will tear down the walls and build bridges with the rubble. 

And they will turn their swords into ploughshares.

More to come.

Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much. Smile!