You Do Not Write Like a Muslim

The brain is a pattern finding machine.  No, really, that is what it is and it is really good at it.  It finds patterns in everything.  That is why people love music, art, the stars, and even clouds.  We find the pattern and it makes us feel good.  Now what does this have to do with the title of this post?  Not much you might think but then I have not given your brain enough data to find the pattern.

Like most of my posts I receive the inspiration in the blogs I follow or stumble across and this is true with this one, except that the inspiration did not come from one but two blogs.  That is not were the pattern theme ends, but begins.

The first post is from a blog that I have visited many times and gotten inspiration from “A Worried Student and a post titled “Budgeting Woes are Turning My 18 Year Old Hairs White!”.  In this post it comes out he is a Muslim.  The second post is from a blog I just started following “Kendall F. Person, thepublicblogger” and his post, “The Religious Exemption”.  The two posts would seem to have little in common.  Both are serious one drips with ethical, moral, and societal norms pushing the boundaries of polite talk, in mixed company.  The other is more laid back and is about growing pains and struggling to get on with what ever life is to become. 

“The Religious Exemption” tells a troubling story, the worst kind of nightmare and could or might have made a good two-hour mind numbing, for TV, true to life movie.  I will not reëxamine the story just the highlight.   A young couple make a health decision for their child based upon religious beliefs, and the child dies.  I have left out everything else on purpose.  That is the full extent of the story.  The question the blogger poses is this,

“There is no denying the United States of America was founded in the belief of a deity called God, the pledge of allegiance clearly defines that ‘….one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.’ * But the constitution is clear on its separation of church and state. How do we balance the two, when each of us are free to pursue the religious or scientific doctrine of our choice, before we have gone too far? When does The Religious Exemption exclude the pursuit of happiness for all?” 

Now let me simplify the question.  Anyone who spends time with me knows I am a big fan of simple solutions to simple questions.  Hopefully Mr. Person approves or at least thinks my question has similar merit.

Can we not all just get along?

Onto “The Worried Student” –  prior to his latest, or then his latest, post I did not know either is age or his religion.  Neither matters, well not in the sense that it would have changed my reading, liking and commenting on his blog.  I would have guessed his age to be in his mid twenties or so given the title of his blog etc.  His writing is more advanced than most people his age, maybe even myself.  Him being Muslim though, well, that is just not right.  I mean he did not come across as Muslim.  Now I know I am being prejudice here, I have my pre-conceptions of what a Muslim should sound/write like.  Now before you judge me to unfairly, I do not mean I believe Muslim men to be fanatical fundamentalist whom we should be careful to associate with, I just mean he did not sound like a Muslim and he should have.

It makes me remember hearing an East Indian man, I had just met, speak for the first time, I nearly fell over.  I do not know if physically my chin hit my chest but it felt like it did.  He had an English accent!  That is not how East Indian’s sound!  Really it is not I know a lot of native East Indian’s and they sound nothing like that!

Do you understand my title and theme better now?  No.  Well it is coming.

The basic issue is that we believe we perceive the truth of the matter.  Seeing is believing and all that.  Well I am sorry to tell you that it is not so.  Our brains are wired, “in the neurons of our brain” as one of my great inspirations says, to stop our mind from being overwhelmed by outside stimuli, it is a safety valve for our conscious mind.    The conscious mind does not get to see the actual events, the great pattern finder, the sub-conscious mind does.   Everything is about patterns; math, science, music, love, art, and yes, pre-conceptions.  Our pre-conceptions, made by our sub-conscious without our consent or knowing,  are used to color, mask and filter the mental picture of the our world, our reality.  This more palatable whitewashed picture is what is passed to the conscious mind for our enjoyment and reaction.   While we can control how we react to this aspect of our brain/mind we cannot stop it from happening.

An important point about pattern finding is that they are found in the differences not in the similarities.  To illustrate hold up a piece of blank white writing, printing, paper and try to find the pattern.  Non, nothing, blank, yep that’s it, no pattern, boring.  Now hold up the same piece of paper after say printing this post.  Now we have patterns for the mind to grasp and interpret.  The paper is not full of differences actually the printing takes less than, lets say, 15% of the paper.  So the paper is 85% the same and only 15% different but our brain ignores the similarities and focuses on the differences.

Wow.  That is a lot to take in.  If you are still with me, thank you.  If you are disbelieving that is ok just keep that open mind.  Stop your sub-conscious from blocking out and try to ignore the gut feeling that I am trying to lead you down the garden path.  Take three deeps breaths and keep reading.  I could bring up all types of cognitive science articles but you can look all that up yourselves.  Typically if you are going to believe me you will and if not you will not.

There are many things most of us, all really, (but since I will have to defend that statement from others saying they are not like this, I will be gracious upfront and say most and they can exclude themselves in the few who are not) are prejudices against.  Now if we take a peak at the story that Mr. Person brings forth what might we have pre-conceptions about; religion, god, Christian Science, church, state, medical care, prayer, child, beliefs, healer, death, resurrection, motherhood, fatherhood.

If we read the post by “the public blogger” and remove the judgmental words from the original author and find not the differences between us and these people but the larger part, the part that is the same.  All the people not just the infant but the mother, father, and the others who tried to help.   Can we not feel their pain, their sense of loss?  Does not our compassion go out to all of them?  A young couple has lost their son, are we yet not moved to open our hearts to them and allow their tears to stain our souls?

Why is it that we find their actions a threat to our way of life?  Why is it that their suffering is of no importance?  Why do we need to find fault with their belief and say yes that is the cause of our discontent?

Maybe we need to find the guilty maybe they need punishment.  Oh wait, is that punishment meant to change their pre-conceptions, the thought patterns of the story’s characters  so they match ours.  Is not that what punishment is meant to do, rehabilitate, to make people who are not fit for our society more like us?  The things that make us the same need no judgment no punishment.

Let you without sin, without blame, without prejudices; let you that are pure in heart, pure in spirit, pure in intent throw the first negative comment.

When we choose not to judge we can then choose to show compassion and love to these two young people in their time of deepest need.  Can we not just get along?  Yes we can, if we so choose to.

More to come

Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much. Smile!

The Act of Learning

Changing and Learning: Messages on the Move

Changing and Learning: Messages on the Move

I found the above message while looking through my recommended blog sites for inspiration for my next post.  I love this message and it is something I have stated myself, but never as poetically.  To me the learning of something new is not learning a fact I did not know before, but learning something I did not believe before.  It is almost impossible to go a day without learning, especially in this day of data overload, but how about changing our beliefs.  Well if not changing our beliefs at least defining why we hold the HABs (Habits, Attitudes, and Beliefs) we do. 

The fact is many of us do not know why we believe what we believe.  Some convert to a given religion and thus know at least a thing or two about that choice but for the rest most are born into it.  I will even place atheism into this mix.  What we believe, our religion, our faith, the way we interact with those people in our communities and the broader world are all due to our HAB.  Yet most of us do not know how we acquired these habits, attitudes and beliefs, fewer know how we can change them, or even why we should want to. 

Each of our habits, attitudes and beliefs is learned.  Most from such an early age we can never remember not having them, it is like we were born believing our truths to be just that, true.  But at one time we did not believe we just were; then we were taught to believe and everything changed.  Have you ever thought about the innocence of childhood and how children of two groups of people who have been warring for generations, whose lives appear built on the hatred of another race or nation, can play together carefree without intolerance.  They can even fall in love.  But then they are taught, they learn, they believe, and the world of innocence is gone.

My challenge to all, is to examine your HAB (Habits, Attitudes, Beliefs) and determine why you believe what you believe.  Are your Attitudes holding you back from understanding others?  Are your beliefs building up your society or tearing it down?  Our job, should we choose to accept it, is to use our remaining time to unlearn the old attitudes and beliefs that are chaining us to our hatreds and learn the new truths that will allow us to change the external world by changing the internal world.

More To Come

Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much. Smile!

Blame It On God?

March 11, 2013

Blame It On God?

It is an interesting why to title the chapter with a statement posing as a question.

Difficult to be the creator?  Interesting point to ponder; while I have never had that thought it could be well true.  However one can suppose nothing is should be difficult for the creator of all things.  The flip side is that if man is created in God’s image we would suppose the he does have the types of feelings as we do.  I know the Bible makes mention of Jehovah’s emotion many times.

It is definitely hard for people who live in paradise to look forward to a better life that most religions state is waiting for us at some later point only if we suffer through this life.  That is why we see people are more religious/spiritual in poorer countries or area’s of a country, and why Jesus states that it is easier to rider a camel through the eye of needle that for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.  Oh course an English Lord did once ride his carriage through the eye of needle just to prove it could be done.

Doubting is not that great of problem in my mind.  Never doubting is.  This is because in our doubts we ask the questions that need to be asked.  We search for the answers we need answered.  With no doubt we go through the motions without ever testing our faith and we should test our faith and make sure we are on the right path.  If of course there is right and wrong. J

This aspect of free will is another point where you and I agree on with out trying.  Blaming God for the actions of men of free will is like blaming our employer for paying us.  We ourselves have the power to change the world and it is up to us to do so.  The only question is will God stand by forever and allow his creation to be destroyed by his creation!

I have never heard the quote by Disraeli and it is interesting.  “Man is not the creature of circumstances; circumstances are the creatures of men.”  I will need to keep this in mind.

While one single person cannot change the world for everyone, a single person can change the world for himself, and maybe his family.  Then the family can change it for the extended family and the extended family for their community…… Well you get the picture.

I am not as confident as you that the movements you are referring to can have the effect you wish.  However in this regard I am more than willing to be wrong.  I believe the worst is still to come but after that things will get better.  Not meaning to put a sour mood on anyone.


  1. No, I have never been upset with God.
  2. And I have never blamed God for anything.

Now it could be said that not being upset or not blaming God could be a sign that I never truly have faith in his existence.  With this I would not argue; while my faith is small my desire is large.

Touched by an Angle

March 8, 2013

Touched by an Angle

Well I read the entire chapter and still have nothing really to say about it.  Tara Banks,  I think I have heard of the her but I have no idea what type of show it is.  A day time talking head show.  Children who have physic abilities, healers who heal with the power of spirits and see angles.  Many things I do not know and this is one.  I have never met anyone who states they have these types of abilities and my upbringing does not lend itself to allow easily to believe in these types of magical things.

This is not to say that I can not conceive of them or am unwilling to allow the possibility of their existence it is just I have never encounter such a thing.


  1. List two or three coincidences that I have experienced.  Well you are going to get tired of me saying this but I remember no such things.  Not ones that I would call major, and none that would be life changing or even memorable.   Having said this again I have always known how things would turn out.  This is not specific as in a reading of foretelling of future events but just generally that this or that was the way things will turn out.  When they do I do not see it as a coincidence.  Now I but little weight on this ability however Dawn as asked several times how it is I know that things are going to work out.  She evens asks me now when she is concerned or fearful of something.  It makes her feel better when I tell her things are going to be well.
  2. They are not coincidences.
  3. Have I ever felt the presence of angels or spirits?  Not that I can remember.  When I was younger I believed I felt evil but I believe now that what I felt was fear of what religion was instilling in me.  The devil, Satan, demons, hell etc.
  4. Fearful

Free Will

March 9, 2013

Free Will

I loved the chapter.  Much to agree with and think about, some that I want to disagree with but will think about, as you say “food for thought.”

God’s greatest gift to mankind is free will.  Yes it is an agreeable thing indeed.  For what is life if we are bound to do the will of another even if that other is the creator of heaven and earth.

For if we bring a biblical reference in again, it is in his image we are created.  God as free will, God is a creator and so we are the same we act in accordance with our own will and create the environment that we live in.

I agree that we have this free will and have the right to choose anything we want but it is hard to swallow that nothing is wrong.  Sorry to Neale Donald Walsch and his personal conversation with god, but I have had similar conversations with others regarding nothing is right or wrong.  It makes things so easy anything we believe is right.  If so why write this book is it right or is wrong.  Well if you believe it is right then it is so and if you believe it is wrong it is so.

I wonder who of us believe that cheating, lying, stealing, murdering, are good and honorable things for a person especially in the view that we all have the spark or light of god within us.  Again if we choose to believe that the simple idea of right and wrong, good and bad do not exist and everything just is this maybe a different point.  Then every action is just an action no matter what the out come.

But what would the purpose of one God’s creation be in killing another of his creation.  In this case not meaning man killing a beast but a man killing a man?

You start a thought but do not complete it; I hope you do finish this thought.  “The purpose of life….”, you choose to say what it is not but not what it is.

Sin is nonexistent; there are only obstacles to one’s ultimate union with God.  Interesting thought but is not sin just that, the obstacles which keeps us from the ultimate union with God.  So he states that it does not exist then restates in terms that are easier to hear.

Now we get to a point of consequences, are not these consequences the just punishment for choosing the wrong.  We have free will but that free will brings consequences when we choose the wrong path.  These consequences are both here and in the spiritual world.  In this world it could be bad health, imprisonment and or the loss of relationships and in the spiritual world it will be what; loss of the relationship with God’s spirit?  Who knows?

Now I agree with the statement that humans have created a ridiculous list of sins for themselves.

You state that we all agree that everything happens in accordance to God.  But that is large assumption to make, and it maybe the reason that you idea of free will is bent that way.   Let us say that everything was created according to God’s will, after that he gave mankind free will to choose his own course.  Then everything that happens after creation is not solely due to God’s will expect in the fact that he allows it to continue.  Man’s free will allows him to choose to follow a righteous and just path or not.  That does not mean the God believes that every action of creation is pleasing.  (Trying to use a word different that right or wrong, good or bad.)

Again I believe you are correct when you state that spirits do not have an assigned gender.  I do not know for sure but I would believe it to be so.  But to state that we including our soul do not have a gender, well I am not sure of that.  The reason of course is, I believe we are our soul and while we have a spiritual aspect, it is bound with our physical form and that form defiantly has a gender.  Forget about the fact that we cannot procreate that is nothing as you state.  It is simply against nature.  Now if two men or two women wish to have a relationship then so be it but we are men and women it is not just our physical form but our emotional and I would say our spiritual differences that make for a perfect union.  This is not that the female is less or lower just different.  Well I have said two things on the open internet that can get me thrown out of the club. J I do not believe in Evolution and I do not believe homosexuality is alright and I believe in that men and women are not the same.  God am I bad or what.

Now I love the thought “prejudices, racism, discrimination, anger and hatred are all paralyzing factors in our world”


  1. Yes I judge others.  In my mind we all judge ours but we judge ourselves more.
  2. Yes I am critical of myself.
    1. What for, not loving enough.  Not doing things for strangers just because I do not know them.  Not living up to my word.  Not giving more time to help those who are in need.
  3. I want to be the best I can be.  I need to feel I have contributed in some small way to the betterment of my family, friends, and society.
  4. I am a hypocrite all the time.  We all want things and then our actions often go against them.  I work in the oil and gas industry.  One of biggest polluters around both in how we get it out of the ground and what we do with it after.  I have been asked many times how can I work for them.  I want friends but I am not friendly, actually I do not like people, well one on one is ok but as a crowd I do not like it.
  5. Hard to answer if I ever felt like a sinner.  If I had to think about it I would say no.  I sometimes feel bad because of what I have done, guilt; or maybe bad because I was caught, fear but felt like a sinner no.  Maybe it is because we are what we are and this is what it feels like.
  6. Have I ever feared God’s judgment?  Yes I guess I did.  Or at least I was fearful that I was never going to good enough or the opposite that being good the devil would start picking on me.  What the heck.  What a world we create for ourselves.
  7. After reading this chapter I still believe the God judges people but then I have believed that for numerous years and I have only just read your chapter so let me digest the “food for thought.”
  8. Going forward will I stop judging and criticizing myself.  Well I will try just like living in the moment.  I will do that and living in the moment should stop me thinking about what I have done in the past.  Hopefully.
  9. Going forward will I stop judging and criticizing others.  Again it is hard to stop years of behavior but again I will try to live in the moment and moment will be gone so I hope the judgment will stop.
  10. I love free will.  Everything in my life is due to my free will and the free will of others that have chosen to share it with me.  All things that have gone wrong have been due to my actions all things that have gone well are due to my actions.  You just got to love that.  And to top it off the sun the rain the beauty that surrounds us is what the creator gives us whether we believe or not.
  11. Well I guess I stepped ahead.
  12. A hard question, I have a severe procrastination problem and it definitely stands in my.  However for the last 20 years it is my belief that we choose to be healthy and we choose to be happy.  If we choose not to be then we are standing in the way of our own happiness.
  13. I think my procrastination may be a form of sabotage however I do not believe it is so I will not be disappointed in others.
  14. – 16  Everything I do is free will I would say yes to all three although sixteen is hard one.  I try to extend a helping hand to strangers when I can.  Do I do it enough that is another question.

The Universe and the Spirit World

7 March 2013

The Universe and the Spirit World

The word Universe is explored in the context of our new spirituality and how it has been transformed into an entity of its own.  The thought that what we call the universe is a new term for god.

For one I state that the universe and I are friends.  I do this all the time and tell people that is why I know how things will turn out better or why things are going to rosy and bright.  It is also why I do not get into accidents travelling all over the place in places were there can be several hours many hours or more between vehicles.  I know that I will be alright because the universe and I have discussed it.  Am I talking with God?

The universe in spiritual terms:

  1. Includes all that has been created.  ? Does it?
  2. God the creator, created the universe for living organisms. Ok, agreeable.
  3. The universe is the totality of everything that exists. ? Is it?
  4. Both the physical and the immaterial world exist in the universe. ???? Unclear, Muddled.
  5. Everything in universe lives inside the realm of time and space.  Agreed.  When we die our mind and soul connection with the universe is broken.  Ok I agree but probably not for the same reasons.
  6. The universe represents all the happens in this life.  Correct.  It has nothing to do with the afterlife.  ???? If there is an afterlife, just like if there is a forelife.  What is the purpose of these lives apart from life?

Given I am not a believer most of my concerns are predictable however one point stands out above all others.

I call it Muddled thought as opposed to clear thought.  It is like the difference between crisp clear spring water and muddy warm water.  The first you can see down thirty of more feet and see the fish and other creatures swim, the rocks and sand sparkle while in the other you can see but what it is, is hard to make out.

Points 4 and 5 appear to me as muddled thought.  This is not because I do not believe, or because of theology differences but because I am lost in your thought process.

In chapter 2 you define your idea of the soul and you list seventeen points trying to define the soul, for us.

Point 9 “The majority of our soul lives outside the realm of time and space.”

Point 11 “the realm outside of time and space is called the spirit world.”

Then in chapter 7 you state, “The immaterial world, is everything that is not directly related to the physical world.  It is a reality ….. that is outside the realm of worldly or material things.” You continue, “Our body lives in the physical world, but our inner-self is a part of the immaterial world.”

So to come back to point 4 where you now state “both the physical and immaterial realms exist in the universe.”  Then you add in point 5 that “everything in the universe lives inside the realm of time and space.”

So does our soul live outside of time and space or does in reside in the universe and thus lives inside the realm of time and space?

And the water just gets muddier.  In the second paragraph down you again state that realm that exists outside of time and space is the spirit world.  Is it possible you have interwoven the term universe into two meanings the first being the universe of the physical or what can be call the scientific universe and second the universe that you started the chapter referring to.  That of the universe that I call friend and that is seen as a new way of understanding god?

I am not trying to hard headed but it does not read quite right.  Then maybe again my glass might be dirty and that is what is causing the water to look muddled. J.

We move on.  The spirit world is where the afterlife exists.  Well again the afterlife is hard for me to fathom.  While I can believe in that which I cannot see and I can believe in the spirit realm and the Creator.  In fact FYI I am a creationist and do not believe in evolution.  Did I really say that on the internet?  Woops.   But afterlife and existing prior to birth well again why?

Now a new thought, a thought I have not heard of before, a third and more realms.  This begs a similarity to the seven levels of hell.  The third realm is where the creator lives by himself, he does not reside in the spiritual realm.  I guess I will need to understand the purpose of this before I can begin to digest it.  I can understand that no words can describe this place but did you not state that about the spiritual realm?

I will wait to see what you have to say on this later.  It is an intriguing thought.

What is spirituality?

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

What is spirituality?

Spirituality is the understanding that there is more to reality than our physical world.  It is the learning and acknowledging of this difference.

The word used in section to speak of the spiritual world is the immaterial world.  Not a word that I would of used or thought to use.  Not that the true meaning of immaterial is incorrect but that idea, the picture in my mind’s eye, is of irrelevance rather than not made of matter or non-physical.

I like the way the author places time and space in with the physical world.  Time is only relevant in the physical world and is solely required for movement of physical bodies from the micro to the macro.

The spiritual becomes a reality apart from the physical world.  In the next thought we are told that spirituality looks inwards, past the physical.  Interesting when most of us think of the spiritual, do we not automatically look outward.  When we think of heaven it is outside us not inside us.  A beautiful point. 🙂

The difference between spirit and soul is broached.  The spirit when it enters the physical world is changed (transformed?) into a soul.  We are again brought back to a point of the size of the soul, with only a small part being inside us.  The major part is still in the spiritual realm.

I have a hard time with this idea, and while it may be simple wording or semantics and trying to make people understand a new and possible hard idea I think it works against the thought.  The soul does not have a size, either large or small.  Size is relevant to space and as stated earlier and space is physical element.  Again like the analogies of heaven in the book of Revelations they are given so that earthly, physical man can be brought to an understanding.

It is possible that by putting numbers that meaning becomes muddled.  However she has probably run into this many times in trying to explain it to people so who am I to question the usage.

A thought is put to us that we existed prior to being born in earthly form, and that our spirit or portion of it enters the physical realm in our bodies and then it would return to the spirit world when we die.  This of course is a widely held belief however again I believe that this is not right.  This I say not simply out of a religious belief but more fundamental than that.  It comes down to purpose of the physical world and our physical bodies.  I do not want to go into this fully as it would take many pages and more time than I currently have.  But again it would a great conversation to have.

The idea that the spirit and soul are different is very agreeable to me.  It is as I believe but maybe not for the same reasons.  Or maybe for the same reasons.  Not wanting to quote scripture but here maybe it is relevant.  (I am hardly a born again Christian though I know the Bible more than most today I would say).  “And God breathed into Adam the breath of life, and he became a living soul.”  Now I do not a bible with me and the internet is not available in camp so that is a close as I can come to the quote.  But here the point is simply that when created Adam God breathed into him.  People have stated that this is like giving CPR however the big difference is that God was not breathing air/oxygen into Adam he breathed his spirit into him.  And just as the author states, that godly spirit then changes after enter the physical man and becomes a soul.  However the difference is that Adam became a living soul.  That is both the physical and spiritual combined became a living soul.  Enough said for now.

Again, I love the quote you attach to this thought by Jane Goodall, “It is {or, Is it} arrogant, presumptuous, to think that I might have heard the Voice of God?  Not at all.  We all do –“what a loving and true sentiment.

So we embark or have been embarking on this spiritual journey.  I have enjoyed it so far.

Only one question.  Thoughts Ideas Questions.  I will refrain from answering as the blog is just that.

Sharpen Your Intuition

Sunday, March 03, 2013

Sharpen Your Intuition

Before I start with today I want to quote the last line of yesterday.  “When you silence your mind, you can hear your soul!”

While I still am having a heard time with the whole concept of soul for some reason this sounds peaceful.  Is it my intuition, my soul, telling me so?

The sixth sense, ESP is the soul talking to us.  Interesting take on this subject.  What ever we think of ESP it would appear that there are abilities that some people appear to have that others do not.  In times past, and not so distant past, even present, so of these gifts, traits, abilities are referred to as demonic or spiritualistic.  Now here when I say spiritualistic it is in the sense of evil ways like witchcraft etc.  Of course spiritual can be seen as good.

My meaning is getting lost.  I have been taught in days gone by that these types of gifts are not of God but of Satan.  However it the same boat the people that taught me that also teach that meditation as in yoga or transcendental is also demonic.

Now this brings up a good point if we are all apart of the larger spirit called ‘god’ then what of the devil and demons.  If we are all godlike so to speak then where does evil come from?  The lack of contact with the soul?  Can it be that easy?

I believe in, like most people I assume, listening to my gut.  Now is this my soul talking to me?  Dawn, my long suffering wife, listens to her gut all the time.  This is both good and bad.  I believe she senses things and they are right.  However Dawn is fearful as well and so she believe in her fears using the fact that she is right about other feelings to mean she is right about her fears.

How do you know if it is your soul, the good part of you, or the fear that is talking to you?  Also just because it is fear does not make it wrong but at times this voice inside you is not your soul but your mind playing the soul.  Sort of ;).  How is one to know?

A false sense of intuition; again how does one know if you are listening to your mind or your soul?

“Benefit of the doubt”?  Not sure if because a person gives someone a chance to prove themselves is wrong or going against your better judgment but I guess if one feels that the person or thing is wrong and then goes against that feeling it is different than if you have no feeling either way but give the same person or thing a chance to prove its worth.

Interesting quote attributed to Albert Einstein, I will have to look that up.  “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift, while the rational mind is only its faithful servant”

(Gurdeep you may want to check your use of quotation marks in this passage.)

Again we are asked to check with out gut or soul when meeting a new person or making a decision.  I still question how we know we are talking to our soul or our mind?  Did I miss some thought earlier?


  1. No, I seldom live in the moment.
  2. Yes, I live on autopilot sometimes.
  3. A list short list of times I have, ‘read and reacted.’;
    1. Dawn makes a suggestion and I think she is trying to change me or tell me I am wrong.
    2. My boss wants me to change the way I perform.  I think he does not like my work and tell him off.
    3. and the list goes on and on.
  4. Usually my feelings are that I was in the wrong but try to justify them.  In the end it both makes me mad at my self that I allow them to upset me and I them find it hard to make things right.  With Dawn I usually apologies but with my boss I keep trying to prove I am right in my actions.
  5. What should I have done.  Listened, acknowledged what they said and tell them that I would think it over.  It would be good to work out why they are saying these things and then explain my reasons for acting in a different manner.
  6. What I want to say to my soul?  To let me know how to show more compassion to people, and how to be more at peace with my self.  But more importantly how to be more at peace with the world around me.
  7. A false sense of intuition.  While I know it as happened nothing comes to mind.  I once told Dawn the my son Correy’s arm was not broken when it was.  But I do not know if it was intuition.  I was scammed out of $1000 dollars on a bedroom suite but I had no feelings about it being the wrong thing to do.
  8. Again I can not list things,  I believe in following my gut as you say but I can not state that in so doing it as helped me.  I think it as but nothing comes seriously to mind.

I did some searching on the quote attributed to Einstein.  I wonder where it was located.  I can find no verifiable source but it is in a lot of lists on the internet but with no source citations.  The closest I could come was:

“The origin seems to actually be Metaphoric Mind: A Celebration of Creative Consciousness by Bob Samples (1976):

“Albert Einstein called the intuitive or metaphoric mind a sacred gift. He added that the rational mind was a faithful servant. It is paradoxical that in the context of modern life we have begun to worship the servant and defile the divine.” (p. 26)

Only the first part is what Samples claims is from Einstein, though he gives no source or citation and it fits with nothing that is recorded of Einstein’s quotes.  The second part is Samples’ own observation.  The two parts have been conflated into a “quote” of Einstein, when there is actually no evidence he said the first part and the second isn’t even attributed to him in the original source.”

Stop Reading and Reacting

Saturday, March 02, 2013

 Stop Reading and Reacting

Well this is me, then it is most people.  I have been thinking alot lately about the speed of lives given the speed of our communications.  People want, believe that they should have instantaneous access to other people, their time, their answers just because we have the technology of instant access does not mean we can process things in an instant.

We have grown up in this fast paced world but we need to learn to take time.  While we should be fast to listen we need to judge slowly, and answer slower.

 The Soul

Separation of mind body and soul is again broached.  Maybe a better way for me to understand this is the difference between mental, physical and spiritual.  We understand that it is hard to control the heart at times.  It as been stated, “the heart wants what the heart wants.”  Maybe the heart in this statement is the soul.

Now having the soul control the mind would be having the heart control the mind.  As a man this is almost like having the emotional taking control of the rational.  Or getting in touch with our feminine side. :))   Not something we are likely to do easily.

Interesting I can see the difference between the mind and soul but what controls the emotional.  Does the mind control how we react?  Or does the soul control?  I have always believed that we, that being the mind, us, controls or emotions.  When cry, when we laugh, when we are happy, sad, or anything else these are just what our mind is telling us.  But at times we appear to react spontaneously to things without appear to think.  During these times is our soul taking control?

So What’s the Difference

A second day of trying to live in the moment.  Brings about a couple of points.

First what is the difference between the ego-mode living in the future and trying to plan or prepare for the future while living in the moment?

Second do I really want to live in the moment while sitting in a public washroom room stall?  Tried that but what I found was the mind wanted to be somewhere else and I really could not find anything to tell it had to stay with the body in the moment. 😉

It still takes a lot of effort and thought to keep the ego at bay and the mind in the moment.

And a third issue comes to me.  We still have no evidence that the spirit is returning while keeping my mind in the moment.  However it is good to note that life appears better lived this way whether or not the spirit comes home to rest.

Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much.  Smile!