What’s the Point

Before the introduction

Jan. 10, 2013

I have always thought of myself as both spiritual and logical and a great believer in the sciences.  This has always meant keeping an open mind and also a constant fight between my competing beliefs.

I always strive to keep myself open for new ideas and allow my instincts to guide me to a better understanding including what I should read.  This is how I came about having and reading this book.  While leaving a public washroom in Old Scottsdale town center I happen to see and read a posted flier promoting a book about the meaning of life.  Now generally I would have dismissed it without a second thought and as I write this I cannot give a reason that I did not.

I tore off the web site listed at the bottom and having returned to the condo that night I opened the web page and immediately paid for the book.

After arriving home from my vacation some weeks later on my desk was the book and the first night I read the first page.  That was it, the first page and a paragraph or two on the next then I stopped.  In those few words I felt a kinship with the author.  Something I believe I felt on first reading the flier I think she herself posted.

There was nothing in the words that told me it was the truth nor any great or momentous words that swayed my logical mind just a feeling.  I did not want to read anything else I just wanted to believe and not have anything to spoil that simple feeling.

On the second day I picked up the book and started reading and i was lead to write my feelings of the book as I read it.  So this is a running commentary of my first reading of the book with as little editing as possible.

After reading the next couple of pages and being asked not to prejudge but to keep an open mind I feel myself wanting to stop reading.  I do not like epiphanies or insights into the spiritual world that are shared with only one person like they have been singled out for a special purpose however the words speak to me and I keep reading.  I know at times I have ideas the come to me from unknown recesses of my mind or being and I believe these I just have never told people of them yet I still know them to be true.

I like the part where see tells that the words are not big and the thoughts are not hard to comprehend or challenging philosophically speaking.  I too believe that the truth should be easy, not hard to comprehend.


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