Friday, January 11, 2013

Read about another page of the introduction and again find that the words resound inside me.  Telling me to do the things I think I should do anyway.

She states that I picked up the book for a reason so do not just dismiss why I happen to pick it up but continue.  I am at the question part of chapter and should now read them and answer.

  1. Yes I have thought about what the point of life is.  Not so much what the point is but why it is.  This does not make much sense but the two words, what and why, have differing purposes to me.  What is chocolate as opposed to why does chocolate produces the sensations it does.  While I have many answers but when I try to consolidate them into a firm understanding it disappear as the smoke of a fire in the wind.  So the answer is still  unclear to me.  It is my belief that the point of life is to be at peace; to be at peace with the earth and everything in it; to be at peace with the heavens and everything in it; to be at peace within oneself.
  2. Yes I have thought what will happen to me when I die, but more importantly what happens to us all when we die.
  3. I do not feel threatened by what I believe happens when I die.
  4. I do not believe I am happy,  I believe I should be happy but I am not.
  5. Yes I spend enough time looking inwards but No I do not spend enough time working on my internal life.  That is I believe I look but I do not know if I work at it.
  6. Yes I consider myself a spiritual person.
  7. Why does the universe come into the equation at all.  Is life not separate from the universe? Death, does man die?  Is Death apart of life or a continuation?  Why is there life is more important than what the purpose is.  I believe the purpose will be fulfilled but the answer to why it was necessary in the first place is the most intriguing to me.
  8. You ask what am I skeptical about;  this after you write that a skeptic is proven right time after time.  I am skeptical about most things and I believe in asking questions, especially why.  I am skeptical that God is a trinity, that God is a man or a woman and that evolution is fact.  This list goes on.


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