The Elephant

Saturday, January 12, 2013


After reading the Gurdeep’s e-mail I wrote a response and posted my thoughts on my Blog and forwarded the link to her.  Not many people, if anyone reads my blog but it is the closest thing I have to an on-line life.

Started reading the first chapter today.  The Elephant in the Room is religion starts interesting, referring to religion as the elephant in a book on spirituality.

The statement that most people of the world would agree that there is only one true God causes me to wonder if that is so.  Many people in this world either believe that there is no God or that there are many gods.

If in the end we agree that we are talking only about those that already believe in a deity then maybe the statement is true.

The religious movements are indeed that largest cause of unrest in this world.  Both between differing groups of peoples and also the cause of personal unrest by using fear instead of love and peace to keep the masses under control.

Currency of God – new thought, interesting and novel.

Truth is a viewpoint and as we move through life our own perception of the truth changes so how much more is another individual’s truth different from ours.

What if everything we thought was wrong.  What if only one thing I thought true was wrong.  It is comparable to what I call the “the null particle”.  If any cause can have multiple results and each result causes multiple events then any one thing or idea can have an infinite amount or outcomes.  So one idea that we do not believe just one would have the result of not believe an infinite amount of ideas.  This should not be used to state that everything is true but only that just because something is unknown does not make it false.

The difference between spirituality and religion, I accept they are not the same and believe that religion can be removed.  Man is three, the physical man, intellectual man, and spiritual man.  Religion is only the outward expression of his spirituality.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

While thinking about the ideas last night I became a little fearful.  I find this strange as nothing I have read so far is foreign or really new.  I guess I can see that some of my beliefs will be put to the test.  Even those that I do not use anymore but that are none the less still present in me.


  1. Yes I believe in a higher power/creator.
  2. Yes I am religious even though I want to say I am not.
    1. Christianity is the only religion I have truly followed or been a member of.
    2. I would say I am a preacher but even in my own community my own beliefs keep me apart from the main stream.  So I believe that I am open to other idea regarding religion and spirituality.
  3. Three fundamental religious beliefs I agree with.
    1. The universe, earth, nature and ourselves are created.
    2. Man cannot be separated into parts,  While we can talk about the physical man, intellectual man and spiritual man take away any one and the man ceases to exist.
    3. The earth was not created for nothing and man was created to inhabit the earth.
  4. Three fundamental beliefs I was taught but now question.
    1. The triune god.
    2. Hell exists as a place of punishment.
    3. That man spirit his soul ascends to heaven upon physical death.
  5. Yes I believe that preconceived ideas and beliefs do hinder our ability to learn and grow.
  6. Yes I am willing to clear my slate and embark on this journey.  However my mind and spirit still govern and it will be put to the test.


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